A Snazzy Stamped Wine Gift Bag! {Reusable!}

Hello Friends! Today I have a fun project that can be adapted for everyone. I made a wine gift bag but you can find high quality muslin bags and pouches in many sizes perfect for any occasion and you will at the best price at Papermart:

DCF 1.0

I chose a round bottom bag for my project. I also attached a stamped shipping tag with bakers twine for an extra special look. Watch the video to see how it’s made. *Side note, I had a couple people say that this video was not playing on their mobile devices, I have not done anything different but I think you may need to update something, it is playing fine on my computer though, it seems to be only on phones and tablets. Let me know if you can not view this. 🙂

I would love to get a gift wrapped up like this! and I would totally keep the tags for a bookmark (My birthday’s next month…just sayin’) 🙂 I think you could do a similar project for a birthday party too, you can have guests stencil or stamp their names on a bag, add pretties, and the bag can hold party favors…pair that with a homemade pinata and you have a custom party on the cheap! I mentioned a tutorial for making your own spray ink and dauber, it is here. I hope you liked today’s project and that it inspired you to try stamping on cloth. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “A Snazzy Stamped Wine Gift Bag! {Reusable!}

  1. I just found your your tubes and blog not too long ago. I am enjoying your videos very much. I subscribed to your blog feed through netvibes (don’t know if you see those statistics). Can’t stand bloglovin. Been sharing your coloring techniques with my grand daughter too. thanks as always for sharing.


  2. Ditto – Sooo pretty. Thanks for sharing Lindsay. I saw this stamp on Amazon.de here in Germany, and wondered what to do with it. You are a ‘mind reader.’ Great stuff.


  3. Super! Again! You are such an inspiration, just can’t figure out which thing to do first, or next! I can see where even in bulk these bags would be a great way to gift homemade touches.


  4. I also have not been able to view the videos for the last several days. I’m clueless about tech but my husband the software engineer asks what format you use to shall videos. Without knowing that, it’s hard to know what if anything needs updating. Love your posts. You make it look so easy…I know, it just takes practice. Thanks for sharing your gifts. Susan


    1. my videos are all MP4 pr mpg, people whe were having trouble on their devises have been able to view them, please try again:)


  5. Hi, can I ask a couple questions? #1 As one person, I would like to try this but expensive for one person, however, can you tell how to make spray inks I just might try anyways. #2 I bought most of your tutorials in watercolors and a few stamps is there a good way to get a butterfly on to watercolor 140# paper



    1. just put watercolor and water in a spray bottle for the inks . You can use transfer paper (graphite) to trace a butterfly onto watercolor paper.


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