Because we LOVE you, it’s an AAC Marathon!

Howdy friends! Last week I mentioned on Ask a Crafter that this would be my last AAC episode until September and we were flooded with great questions. I wanted to answer them all! Kathy came up with the great idea of doing a marathon of 20 minute videos and to release them each day until they are done. I loved it and Lorraine was game to join us hours after returning from the stamp show. So on my YouTube channel I will post an AAC video daily and here on my blog I will post one each Wednesday for the next 4 weeks. So depending on the type of person you are you can binge watch them or savor them:) Oh and because I had like 143 people ask, yes, I am still doing craft and painting videos throughout the summer:) Without further ado here is Ask a Crafter 40 part 1…oh wait one more thing, if you have a question you can post it and I will answer them as I have time, but if you need an answer ASAP post it on the Frugalcrafter Facebook page and a frugal friend will respond (um, that’s you guys helping each other out, yay!) Big thanks to those who have jumped in and helped AAC folks and Facebook friends with their questions, it was a big help when I was away this weekend and you have awesome ideas so please keep it up!

That was fun! Next week I’ll have part 2 but if you can’t wait hop over to my YouTube channel, part 2 is already up and there are 2 more coming after that. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. Lindsay did she make the necklaces and how? I was wondering about them before you said anything about them. They are very pretty. Kathy your hair looks nice pulled back away from your face. Hope you three have a fabulous rest of the week. My husband and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary Friday. I was a child of 17 when we married.


  2. I think ur awesome. Love ur personality and ur work. U inspire me to be creative. Thanks


  3. Great video Lindsay….as usual a wealth of information! Have a great summer and will be looking for your videos and tips, as well as the other 3 Ask a Crafter!!! Have a wonderful summer!
    Paper Hugs,


  4. great info and thanks for all you do! you girls looked lovely and having too much fun, lol loving the way the drinks looked…..maybe you can tell us what they were and how to make em! they looked so refreshing 😉 tfs


  5. What a deal – I think I will space them out, but I tend to be compulsive. We’ll see. . . Thank you Ladies!


  6. Have a wonderful summer girls and thanks


  7. Hi Lindsay! I have been working (chef) NON STOP for weeks and I am just now catching up on your videos. You guys are the best! and…. you are a “big name”. I am happy to be headed to Bridgton this evening for a few days. I will sit in Shorey Park with an ice cream cone from Main St. Variety and think of you. I hope you consider the Art in the Park event coming soon,


  8. Lindsay,
    If you use ice cube trays for watercolors do the need to be covered?


    • It depends where you are keeping them, if they are out I’d at least put a piece of paper on top to keep dust out but there is no reason you need to cover them except to keep them clean prevent stuff falling in them:)


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