Wicked Cool Stamped Stained Glass Technique!

Hi Friends, you know I mean business when I use the word “wicked!”  I could not wait to use the new stained glass stamp I bought from DRS Designs from the Heirlooms show on Saturday. I’ve had this iris stamp for years, I think they work so well together:

DCF 1.0

You can make any stamp you have look like stained glass with that stamp, see how I did it in today video tutorial:

My friend Cindi and a youtube viewer suggested trying a large crackle stamp to get this effect. That is a neat idea and I am a big believer of using what you have. I am also a fan of buying supplies that make my other supplies more useful. Just think of all of the stamps you can try the stained glass technique with!

DCF 1.0

It’s been a long day and I am ready to call it a night! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

30 thoughts on “Wicked Cool Stamped Stained Glass Technique!

  1. What a beautiful card!! I watched your video and wanted to see what you did with the stained glass when you were done with it – I wasn’t disappointed! Easy to follow instructions too!


  2. Thank you Lindsay!!! I immediately went on-line after your post yesterday and ordered this cool stamp in the rectangle shape….I told them you sent me! Thanks today for showing me exactly how to use it!!!! So exciting!!! Just got word it has shipped!!!! Woo Hoo!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  3. Lindsay,

    You are such a sweet enabler. . . Lol! After watching your haul from the stamp show, I went on
    Ine and placed several orders I can’t afford, but had to have! One of those orders was for these beautiful stained glass stamps (and of course I told them you sent me!). Seriously, I appreciate you letting use know about these cool products and showing us ways to actually use them. Thanks for the great tips and the even greater tutorials. You Rock girl!


  4. This turned out so cool! I’m going to have to get me one of those stained glass stamps! It was really fun watching you do it.

    BTW, you are responsible for my craft room over flowing! You have such great ideas, that I go out and get these products to do them. The one I am so anxious to try is the Jelli printing. Now if I could just find some time, and my brayer! lol


    1. Today I used Rives BFK which is a fantastic printmaking paper and good for letterpress because it is so thick. I cound the 110# micheals card did not take heat embossing well, it absorbed the ink and powder but cheap GP works well. It is kinda trial and error but the cotton paper seems to handle the heat better:)


      1. Thanks, Lindsay, that’s the type of information I needed. Interesting that you said the cheaper paper takes embossing better since I took a class on photo image transfer to artist jpurnals using modge podge and the instructor said that the cheaper paper also took the transfer better.


  5. Lindsay, Well! I had a little more self control than some of your fans. But only a little. I will spend the better part of 1.5 hrs searching for this stained glass stamp on all my go to sources here in Germany. Then give up and go to DRS – I’ll have to double check that link.

    Thanks ever so much for all you do for those of us who are sooo attached to your blog and YT channel. You are indeed one Wild and wickedly gorgeous Maine stamper. I could wax on about how much you do for us, but hopefully you know that. Also, I wish I could go vegan – not for my health, but for beautiful skin like yours. Alas, I’m thinking at 68 yrs, I’ve already missed that boat. LOL. . . Besides, home baked hot white bread and Nutella, and other sinful stuff is soooo hard to give up.

    You said something about taking off for the summer – was that just for Ask the Crafter segments, or also for tutorials?

    Hope the water is warm enough for swimming. However, if the temps are in the 90s, cold lake water will probably not phase anyone. Is the family dog allowed to swim too? I had a RottyLab who would run in the ditch after a rain to cool off. Can we all shout “pond scum?” That was the latest doggy eur d parfum around our house. Hurry! Bring the baby shampoo and the garden hose paleeze . . . . LOL . . .

    Now, go enjoy your afternoon in the sun.

    Paula aka midnightair


    1. Hi Paula:)
      Yes Hazel, my Golden Retreiver, swims too, how could I leave her home?

      I will be doing tutorials all summer but not AAC, it probably soes not seem it but it takes a while to put together:)

      I eat homemade white bread, I bake it myself:) Nutella has milk in it but there are other dark chocolate/nut butters that are vegan to enjoy:)

      Have a great summer:)


  6. The girls and I from my stamping class will be going to the stamping convention held in Hamburg, NY this August. I can’t wait! I went to the site you put up on your haul video that list all the conventions, so I was able to see what vender’s will be there. I’ll be looking for the DRS Designs. I “need” this stamp, lol !!!


  7. Awesome card and technique Lindsay. So nice that you shared your flubs too, good to know I am not the only one who has them. ~Diane


  8. Love your card! Great ideas! Their is a similar Iris rubber stamp you can buy online http://www.stubbystampers.com for the low price of only $4.50. I’ve been buying quality rubber stamp from this company for 24 years and they are made in USA! They sell them unmourned only stamps And they have great selections of all kind categories. I love their quality rubber stamps and low prices. I use Georgia Pacific 110 lb. card stock to emboss card like this one you just demoed + I emboss with UTTE. I preheat my heat tool,first. I buy this card stock from Walmart and it is a 150 sheet a pack for about $ 5.00.
    Trying to be frugal! LOL!!! .
    Thanks for sharing! I learned some cool tips from you! Happy Crafting!


  9. Hi Lindsay,
    What a creative idea; It is beautiful. After I saw your video I went to a Michael’s store and purchased a background rubber stamp and I am going to make a” thinking of you” card, for a friend, using your stained glass technique. I was so pleased because it had a 40% discount!!! The pattern is different from the one you used, but you said we can use any stamp and make it look like stained glass.
    After I have finished the card, should I write on the back of the card, the name of the companies who made the stamps?
    You are an amazing, gifted and wonderful lady and I thank you for all the fantastic crafts you show us each day. You so inspire me each day!
    Take care.


  10. Hi Lindsay, I am one of the lucky winners of your Heirloom ticket giveaway. I too had a blast at the show. I’m so glad I got to meet you and thank you. I didn’t want to take up any of your time chatting, however because every moment at the show is precious. The stained glass stamp was a great find! I loved watching your haul video . I am happy with my purchases as well. My biggest splurge was the mini-mount. It will be perfect for all of my larger stamps. This will be more versatile for me than the mega mount. Keep that inspiration coming!!


  11. Hey Lindsay, thanks for the tips for this stamp. I live in the next town from DRS so they are my “local” stamp store. They have some unique stamps.


  12. Wonderful use of the stained glass stamp. Very versatile item to add to our collections (when the budget allows for more shopping…..) Thank you for sharing and happy swimming. 🙂


  13. Thank you, thank you for this post and video!! I just won a gift voucher for DRS from a challenge and because of your video I knew exactly what I wanted! 🙂

    What are the approximate dimensions of the large round and the large square stained glass panels? Thanks!!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  14. Loved your tutorial. I got the oval stamp and used an Iris I had. Embossed with silver, colored with Copic and covered with crystal laquer. I used a very thin coat spread by my finger.

    I have been vegan for several years, it is the only way I found to temper RA pain. No drug worked but diet helped to the point I am on no drugs now.


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