DIY Faux Cloisonne Trinket Boxes!

Hi Friends! Do you want to spice up your jewelry packaging? Today I will show you an opulent looking technique that you can achieve on the cheap using little kraft jewelry boxes from Papermart:


The size I use in the video are 1 1/8″ x 1 3/4″ and you get a box of 100 for $23. They have many sizes available making it perfect for whatever you need to package. Tip: Get your friends together and place an order for several sizes and divvy up the loot so you can try a variety without having to keep 100 of each on hand. Although these are so useful you will probably use them up in no time! Watch the video to see how easy it is to make faux cloisonne:

Supplies: kraft paper jewelry box, black acrylic paint, rubber stamp (an open line art stamp works best, avoid stamps with a lot of detail), metallic pigment in, gold embossing powder, heat gun, metallic watercolors,a small round brush.

Directions: Paint the box lid with black paint. You can paint the bottom of the box any color you like. Let dry. Stamp design on lid and ink the edges of the top with metallic ink, add embossing powder and heat with a heat gun to melt the powder to get the shiny metal look. Paint the design with metallic watercolor paint.

I hope you try this elegant project, it is sure to impress both your customers and friends. The box is a gift in itself. Please check out Papermart if you are in need of any type of creative packaging, I don’t think you’ll find better prices or quality anywhere else. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I love your idea and it is so easy to do! You have turned a plain gift box in to a box that will be treasured for many years. THANK YOU!
    Regards and take care.


  2. Lovely idea. I’m going to remember that for when I get some more jewelry made to sell. I have a few of those boxes kicking around and they sure will be prettier done your way.


  3. Wow! So pretty and quick to make!


  4. Wow…I love this idea…I may use it on a greeting card!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


  5. Are pearl WCs the same as metallic?


  6. Hi my Love Lindsay, what a gorgeous technique!! Thank you so much for sharing! Love it!


  7. That is a truly WOW! project. Great tutorial Lindsay. Thank you. . .


  8. how pretty!! a lovely way to decorate those boxes and yes easy peasy too! 🙂 tfs!


  9. Absolutely gorgeous, Lindsay! Definitely one to try. I tried to leave a comment on Youtube but i am having problems with Google at the moment.



  10. So elegant and lovely!.


  11. Those look amazing! I’ll definitely remember that idea…


  12. I am definitely going to try this. As always a great idea. 🙂


  13. Beautiful boxes Lindsay! Great tutorial too as always. ~Diane


  14. Loved this Technique!!! I am going to be making jewelry for my Christmas presents so now I can put them in a snazzy bow. Thanks


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