Pen & Ink Watercolor Card {try it, it’s easy!}

Hi Friends! It’s either feast or famine with me and the watercolor cards, no watercolor tutorial last week and this week I have two…well, maybe not a feast exactly but it is a fun card to paint:

DCF 1.0

I think using Β the pen and ink technique with watercolor is perfect for people who feel that they lose to much of their original drawing when they go to paint. I am using Micron Pens which are nice because they have a smooth consistent line and you don’t have to worry about spills and drips like you do with a dip pen. I am using Cotman watercolors, a #6 round brush and a 140# Canson watercolor card as my surface. Ready? Let’s Paint!

If you don’t have Micron pens you can use a fine tip permanent marker such as a Sharpie or Bic Mark-it, they do not come in the variety of tips as the Microns but you can definitely get a feel for the technique and you can decide if you like it before investing in the Microns. Thanks to Oriental Trading Company for supplying the Micron Pens for this tutorial, check out their website for all kinds of art supplies, scrapbook and beading goodies as well of general craft supplies!

EDIT* Oriental Trading Company has free shipping on ANY size order through 6/5/14 with the code: CE144432 so hurry!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


15 Responses

  1. Lindsay, you are so amazing! I love the pen & ink watercolor technique. I promise to try it! β™‘


  2. Lindsay, I watched this one yesterday, shortly, i guess, after you posted the sunflower! wow! πŸ™‚ just aah-mazing!! you were so brave, but I forgot, you are so talented, to ‘pen’ the drawing without using pencil first!! the wild violets turned out so beautiful!! you never fail to deliver! if they are weeds, well oh well, they are just beautiful and just love to see all the flowers and all creations our Creator created! thanks for sharing yet again. πŸ˜₯ (nothing new to see today so far from you, and I really needed my Lindsay fix-saw something absolutely heart wrenching a little bit ago, while I was out and needed some Lindsay-isms!) (I’ll just watch an older one I haven’t seen yet, still have a few more to go, before I’ve watched ALL of them, lol) πŸ™‚ here’s hoping you had a great day and have a great evening. πŸ™‚


  3. Excellent once again. I watched this on You Tube but once again my computer will not let me post a comment there – very annoying. Whenever I see wild violets I think of my mother. When I was a young child my mother would take us kids out to a bush and we would pick dozens of Dixie cups full of wild violets and then she would drive us to one of the nursing homes and we would deliver them to the residents. In spite of that and the fact that my name is Violet, my favorite flower is a pink rose.

    I have a question for AAC too. What colours do you recommend for faces using Prismacolor pencils? Also, same question for Copics as I may get some just for skin tones. I’m having trouble with the Prismacolor markers I have to get a decent skin colour. Either it’s too pink or two blah. Thanks


  4. Beautiful!! Just bookmarked these pens for future reference. I may HAVE to add them to my stamping stash after paying for all of my daughter’s graduation stuff this month. lol Love your watercoloring!!


  5. Oh, to have your kind of talent to draw as beautifully as you do Lindsay! Even my circles come out wobbly, lol! Love the watercoloring technique, so soft and pretty and something I’ll definitely try…even if my pen drawings aren’t identifiable as flowers from this planet, lol! TFS another great technique and your wonderful self πŸ™‚


  6. Fun to watch you paint but aren’t Iris leaves long blades, kind of look like thick grass blades? Anyway, still neat how quickly you can make a pretty painting. Thanks for showing us your watercolor techniques.


  7. Hi, Loved this pen and Ink technique, so pretty.Thanks so much.


  8. Hi Lindsay,

    Beautiful wild violets! You have once again inspired me to try and paint wild violets and I THANK YOU!
    We have wild violets in our backyard and they are so beautiful and delicate; Some of them are white.
    You are my ray of sunshine each day I receive your video.
    Regards and take care.

    Linda H


  9. Hi lindsay,

    I have just bin watching your tutorial on Sweet Peas, very nice. You are talking about watercolor paper and the prices of it, well you have a point there very expensive. So I searched the Internet and find a small factory in India called khadi papers!!! They are a community every one in the village is involved. I ordered some paper and I was really surprised by the quality. It’s super duper quality!!!! They have all kind off sizes really large ones are more or less normal! Love love painting on it! The brushes you talk about in the sweet pea tutorial are unfortunately not available in Sweden or Holland(I am originally from Holland) I like the Perspex handle on those!!! But you can’t have everything in life so I just have to do with what I got. Lots of love, Anna Klijn Sweden

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    Op Jun 4, 2014 om 2:58 heeft Thefrugalcrafters Weblog het volgende geschreven:

    > >


  10. Loved it can not wait to try it thanks for keeping the older ones available you are great


  11. I really enjoyed watching, I have learnt a lot in the short time. I have just began water colour lessons and found your way of explaining things clearer to me than the last three lessons I have attended. Yhank you.


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