We are Three Wild and Crazy Gals! AAC 38 & my 600th video!

Howdy friends! This is a milestone video in so many ways, first of all I managed to get Kathy and Lorraine both in the studio (see, they are not the same person) and it is my 600th YouTube video! I just realized that I have been making videos for just over 4 years but the last 400 videos were done over the last year! I owe it all to the “pause record” feature on my camera allowing me to edit on the fly…oh and I owe it to you for watching and cheering me on everyday. Thanks guys:) I was lucky this week to get Kathy and Lorraine to be on the show, if you have half as much fun watching as we did filming a good time will be had by all!

And if you are in the New England area I hope you will check out the Heirloom Stamp Show in W.Springfield Mass June 7-8th. We will be there on Saturday so be sure to say “Howdy” if you see us, I’m not involved with the show, just shopping, but it is a great time and some of my favorite stamp companies will be there too! If you have a question for next weeks show you can leave it in the comments. Also, be sure to check out the comment thread on YouTube, there is always great ideas shared from other crafters. Great work guys! Well, I think I better be off, I finally was suckerd in to doing the free trial of amazon prime (they have the first 3 seasons of Grimm on there and I needed quick shipping on a backpack for the boy) and my TV is not going to watch itself…er uh I mean I joined prime for the books, yeah…the books…Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

33 thoughts on “We are Three Wild and Crazy Gals! AAC 38 & my 600th video!

  1. I love watching ” The Fabulous Three ” !!! Lindsay I love my Amazon Prime my sons put me on theirs so I have mine free. Wish we had a stamp show in Tennessee would love to go. Hope you have a good time and get everything you want. You are such a encyclopedia of arts and craft. Have a good rest of the week ladies.


  2. Oh I do love the three amigos!!!! (Coffee, coffee, coffee) 🙂 Have a great time at your show, love it when we have ours here in Utah (but yours sounds lots more fun). Thank you for reminding everyone that we don’t have to have everything, rather “share” our non-consumables. Therefore giving someone a chance to see if they like the product. Congratulations on your 600th video – I have loved them all since finding you years ago!


  3. First and foremost, thank you! I have learned so much since finding your blog and youtube channel. Should I admit that I binge watch your videos? 🙂
    I have 2 questions. 1) Do you have a video explaining when and what types of watercolors are for used in different types of art? Watercolor pencils vs watercolor pans vs watercolor crayons vs watercolor tubes of paint? 2) I have a picture (poster) that was professionally framed years ago (double matted, behind glass, etc). I’m over the picture inside and the mats aren’t colors that match my style anymore. I plan to paint the frame, but what can I do with the mats to update the look for my next piece of art I stick in there? Thanks in advance!


  4. congrats Lindsay on 600 vids! you three girls are so funny together as apart lol! glad both Kathy and Lorraine could both be on at the same time!! ya’ll have fun at the show and make sure to take lots of vids/pics and learn lots of new stuff to share with all of us, duh, like you wouldnt do that anyway without the reminder……duh!! 🙂


    1. probably not since I am just going one day and it is a lot of work to coordinate with the vendors, I can’t just go and start recording or I will get kicked out and believe it or not many demos refuse to be filmed, in fact there were two companies who I had permission to film before hand but the demonstrators had a hissy-fit when I turned on the camera (both were a case of the husband thought the promotion was great idea and granted permission to film without telling their demo wives and the wife did not want anyone to see the techniques on film because they had DVDs for sale or planned to write a book. I respect their decision totally but that is why I got prior approval for any filming I was doing:) Funny, all the companies I filmed thanked me after the fact for the boom in online sales after the show:, go figure:)


  5. What a fun morning with three Fabulous ladies. Enjoy the show and I can’t wait to see all of your stash.


  6. Hello Lindsay, Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful, informative, funny and upbeat videos! I feel much happier when I watch your videos, as well as inspired to make great (well, try to make) arts and crafts!! Wow, 600 videos! Congratulations!

    Since I don’t know where I can post some suggestions to you about making gelatin plates for printing (where you and your readers will actually notice my post), I am posting here some notes that I wrote. I made my first plate based on your recipe and recommendations – and it is just fabulous!! Much better than the glass piece or the silicon baking sheet that I was using. Here is the letter that I wrote to you!

    Hello Lindsay, the AMAZING Frugal Crafter!!

    I have really enjoyed reading your site. Thank you for sharing your tips and techniques so generously with us! I am writing to share some information on making a gelatine printing plate (aka Hectorgraph) that might be helpful to you and your many fans!

    I have found a FABULOUS gelatin specifically made for monoprinting, and have used it with great success. I bought it from GELATIN INNOVATIONS in USA, and I was happy that they shipped to Canada. They use the very highest bloom strength Type A gelatin (porcine source). The link is www DOT gelatininnovations DOT com Their site has monoprint gelatine listed on the left, under their list of products. The site also has great info about gelatine types, and uses including dietary! Interesting!

    I used 2 tbps of gelatin to every cup of liquid (just as you suggested). I bought 1 pound bottles for just $18.00, which is much cheaper than buying gelatine either in the supermarket (Knox brand) or at the bulk foods outlets.

    I only had a little bottle of glycerin for my first gelatin plate (about 100 ml) but it has really helped make the plate more solid and longer-lasting (I am still keeping this one in the fridge for now, until I remake it with the right amount of glycerine).

    I am now ordering two bottles at 4 litres each (weight each is 5 kg) of liquid vegetable glycerin. I will make more plates for some friends from my choir. I will be typically using 2 cups of glycerin and 2 cups of DISTILLED water and 8 tablespoons of monoprint gelatin. This will make a durable 9 by 9 inch plate about 3/4 inch thick. It does not need refrigeration, and it lasts a very long time. The glycerin turns the concoction to a type of plastic (as I first found out from your informative video on the subject).

    Since I am in Canada, I am buying my vegetable glycerin from CanWax (located in Huntsville, Ontario, about 3 hours drive north from Toronto). Their prices are very low!! I am buying a 4 litre container (5 kg in weight, since the specific gravity is 1.2, which means that it is 1.2 times heavier than water for the same volume). A 5 kg container is just $21.00 Canadian. This is SO much better than the $5 or $6 that I paid at Walmart for a tiny 100 ml bottle!!! You will need to add shipping and perhaps tax, if that is applicable for where you are.

    Glyerin also has MANY other uses, in making soaps, and in various crafts (see YouTube for glycerin craft ideas from ‘Lindsay the Frugal Crafter’).

    If the plate breaks, I can just re-melt it and then put it in a mold again. I am using a square silicon cake pan (very neat!), so that I can get the gelatine plate out very easily, and so that the bottom is very smooth.

    Make sure to have the cake pan (or other container such as a cookie tray) LEVEL while the gelatin/glycerine mix is hardening.

    I hope that this is helpful for everyone!! Happy crafting!


    1. wow, I did not know there were different types of gelatin, this is super info. Thanks for writing!


  7. Fun fun fun to see you three together, enjoyed it immensely. Congrats on your 600th video. You are wonder woman LOL.


  8. Congratulations Lindsay on 600 episodes, how the heck do you find the time? You have inspired me to spread the artsy word and I have volunteered to lead a Journalling Session at the Public library in my wee tiny village. I want thank you as well for recommending The garden friends stamps. Annette at Art Neko is extremely helpful and generous with her time in organizing shipment to Canada. All the best for your trip to the Stamp show.


  9. Lindsey, congrats on 600 videos I think I’ve watched them all in the last 6 months. I recently retired and am getting back into art and love love watercolor pencils and colored pencils. I have a few Prismacolor pencil but just orders the new Spectrum Noir pencils, could a supper deal!!! Have you used them get and what do you think. Love your side kicks y’all are so funny and informative. Keep up the wonderful work your doing.

    Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 01:24:39 +0000 To: annicrawford@hotmail.com


  10. Hi Lindsay,
    CONGRATULATIONS on 600 videos! THANK YOU for sharing your talent and expertise. You three gals are awesome! Thanks for all your advice. Enjoy your time at the Heirloom Stamp Show.


  11. Success! I bought some giant kid’s ink pads for my grands to use in my craft room. We opened them last night and discovered they were completely dried out. I tried spraying them with the watercolor mist I made from your earlier tutorial. It worked GREAT.


  12. Hi Lindsay! Thank you for doing your weekly AAC segment, I always learn so much about supplies and techniques from your channel. Question:

    I recently picked up a “colored pencil accessory set” from a thrift shop. The contents weren’t labeled, but most things were easy to identify: eraser shield, tortillons, kneaded eraser, etc. It also had a paint brush (not sure why?), and I thin waxy looking sheet of paper. The “paper” peals, and the top layer is a thin, transparent, clingy plastic. Any idea what this sheet of plastic might be for???

    Thanks again!


    1. I have no idea, maybe it is a sheet of transfer film that is deteriorating? If the film peeling off is grey or white that might be the case;)


  13. Transfer film! Have never heard of that before, but I just looked it up online, and it does look like a small sheet of transfer film. Should be fun trying to figure out how to use it. Thanks so much for answering! 🙂


  14. Just love watching and learning. Having all three of you at the same time was a blast…..look out stamp show!!!!! I so wish there were people in my area that enjoyed crafting. It would be fun to have friends that like to try their hands at crafting / art. Have a great time with your stamp show you three!


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