Let’s Paint Impatiens!

Hello friends! Tonight I have a very easy painting tutorial. We will paint double impatiens using Inktense Blocks by Derwent and a waterbrush on 140# watercolor paper. I am using soft press paper by Fabriano which is a cross between hot press and cold press, it is quite smooth and similar to Rives BFK printmaking paper. I like the smoother finish for working with the Inktense Blocks or watercolor pencils because it makes it a bit easier to blend as there is no texture for the pigment to get caught in. But, really, you can use whatever paper you like, even a heavy weight mixed media or drawing paper. OK, enough gabbing, let’s paint!

Let me remind you again that you can follow along with watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons or even soft pastels. Try what you have before you buy something new. I really am enjoying the Derwent Inktense blocks I just bought (well, all except the flimsy packaging but we’ll talk about that later) but my style tends to be quick and loose. If your style is tighter you will prefer the pencils I think. honestly, I think the pencils are much more versatile but I have wanted the set of 72 blocks for a loooong time and I came across a good deal 😀 I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and it inspires you to loosen up and paint from nature. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Paint Impatiens!

  1. I have tried to find on your website the project where you used a cake decorating tool (has a stainless steel ball) to shape with. I have spent a long time trying to find this project with no success. I remember wanting to do it but did not have the tool. I now have purchased it and now cannot find your video. Please help. A fan and admirer ….Marie


  2. Would you explain the difference between cold press and hot press watercolor paper and the uses for each. Thank you!


    1. cold press has a texture to it, it is a bit rough and hot press is smooth as if it was pressed with a hot iron, that helps me remember the difference;)


  3. hi Lindsey not sure if you’ll find time to answer this but I am so grateful to you for inspiration and your uplifting attitude any way the thing is I needed the gelatos that you use and had to have them sent form America yep expensive so I then went for just water crayons not so good and I even tried artist water soluble wax pastel Now the question is are these all the same things oh forgot to say I teach children and young adults with special needs so keep them ideas coming thank you — Tina


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