Ask a Crafter 37! Kathy’s Back!

Howdy friends, time again for another Ask a Crafter. Luckily Kathy is feeling better and she is back on the show but Lorainne is sick with a sore throat. I just can’t seem to get us all together, oh well, maybe next week I’ll be sick and they could do the show and I could sit back and watch, now that would be a kick, I tell you! We have a diverse bunch of great questions this week. From using old thread, to the difference between India Inks and liquid watercolors and craft vs artist watercolors and we will even discuss what animal products are in some of the art supplies we use. All that and more in this weeks AAC:

I had a great comment by hovawart16 on the YouTube watch page about animal products in art supplies that I neglected to mention:

“Did you mention silk? Silk thread, cochineal color, and shellac are all harvested cruelly. I admit that I enjoy using them, but lately I’ve been thinking about all these tiny creatures, so patiently creating beauty, and then, especially the silk worm, being boiled alive because we are in such a hurry to grab it all for ourselves.”

And this other great point from joannesminis:

“As someone that has lived on a farm all my life and has raised sheep in the past I do want to clear up something. If we did not shear the sheep for the wool they would literally die of heat stroke. It is simply a hair cut, the sheep are not really hurt in the process. I have personally sheared many a sheep in my day and believe me when I say I was in worse shape at the end of the day than any of them were,.”

But what I really appreciated was the acceptance and respect my viewers have for each others opinions. You folks are the best! If you have a question for next weeks show leave a comment. If you have a comment about the show or something to add to another’s question go ahead. I think some of the best advise comes from you guys answering each other’s questions. Sharing is caring people! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!