Fun & Easy Watercolor Butterfly Doily Craft!

Hello friends! The project I am sharing with you tonight will make a great party decoration and craft to make with your kids! And it is affordable using supplies from Papermart. Watch the video to see how it is done:

To make the butterfly I first sprayed the doilies with my homemade spray inks (you can see my homemade ink spray tutorial here🙂 then shaped the doilies into wings. I also used the spray inks to color white raffia ribbon and wrapped it around a marker so it  would be curly when dry. Then I glued glitter on wooden clothespins and let them dry.  The antenna was made from star garland. I clipped the wings, raffia ribbon and star garland antenna together and added googlie eyes and rhinestones and it was done! These can be made in bulk assembly-line style for a party decoration too. Have fun with this project and til next time happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Fun & Easy Watercolor Butterfly Doily Craft!

  1. i have a question not related to this cute butterfly… since i am working my way backwards on all your vids and blog, you dont do the woyww? anymore correct? just wondering…thx!


    1. I don’t do it unless I have time to visit the other woyww people back, otherwise I don’t think it is fair for me to take part, I will once in a while if I have a slow Wednesday;)


  2. We are getting our summer pavilion set up, and these butterflies are sooo sweet. Haven’t decided what kind of party this summer, but these will certainly make a flash in the glow of moon beams and lanterns! As always, another fun and a great video Lindsay. Seems the simple stuff is always the most interesting – KISS – someone said, “Keep it simple stampers.” Some folks are just way too clever. . .


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