Fun & Easy Watercolor Butterfly Doily Craft!

Hello friends! The project I am sharing with you tonight will make a great party decoration and craft to make with your kids! And it is affordable using supplies from Papermart. Watch the video to see how it is done:

To make the butterfly I first sprayed the doilies with my homemade spray inks (you can see my homemade ink spray tutorial here🙂 then shaped the doilies into wings. I also used the spray inks to color white raffia ribbon and wrapped it around a marker so it  would be curly when dry. Then I glued glitter on wooden clothespins and let them dry.  The antenna was made from star garland. I clipped the wings, raffia ribbon and star garland antenna together and added googlie eyes and rhinestones and it was done! These can be made in bulk assembly-line style for a party decoration too. Have fun with this project and til next time happy crafting!

8 Responses

  1. Cute I love butterflies !!!


  2. so cute and fun!


  3. i have a question not related to this cute butterfly… since i am working my way backwards on all your vids and blog, you dont do the woyww? anymore correct? just wondering…thx!


  4. You think of the cutest things to do with kids.


  5. Love this idea. Oh, I wish I was having a party soon……..these would be so festive inside and outside.


  6. We are getting our summer pavilion set up, and these butterflies are sooo sweet. Haven’t decided what kind of party this summer, but these will certainly make a flash in the glow of moon beams and lanterns! As always, another fun and a great video Lindsay. Seems the simple stuff is always the most interesting – KISS – someone said, “Keep it simple stampers.” Some folks are just way too clever. . .


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