A print of a daffodil with a gelli plate

Howdy friends. Printmaking is fun, the randomness of it all especially with gelatin and Gelli plates but sometimes you want to print something with more of a plan. Today I will show you how to make a representational print with a gelatin (or Gelli Arts) plate. I chose a simple daffodil flower for mine but you can do whatever you like:

DCF 1.0

Watch this video to see the process from start to finish in real time while I explain all the steps for you as I go. If you have any questions leave a comment and I will answer them.

The process (video recap)

  1. Draw a picture (or use a photo or coloring book page as a pattern) and tape it to your work surface. Extend the tape lines out from the top and sides of the plate.
  2. Draw lines on the tape to act as registration marks.
  3. Brayer on your background color and place  a stencil on top, pull a print over the stencil to remove excess paint, remove the stencil and print on your cardstock.
  4. Before lifting off the cardstock make marks on the back of your paper to match the registration marks on the tape.
  5. Paint the flower, stem and leaf. Line the paper up with the registration marks before placing the paper on the plate. Repeat this step for as many detail layers you wish to add.

It really is that simple! If you have a print to share following this method post it on the Frugal Crafter Facebook page, we would all love to see them! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

26 thoughts on “A print of a daffodil with a gelli plate

    1. hmmm, it is working for me, maybe try later when there is not so many people trying to view it;)


  1. What differences did you find using the homemade gelli plate vs the bought plate? Is it worth forking out the bucks for the bought plate?


    1. The regular gelatin plate is cheaper to make (gelatin and water) and will last a couple weeks if you refrigerate it between times. I’d try that first and see if you like it before making a glycerin one or buying a gelli arts one. I got my gelli plate for $20 on sale (reg $30) at blick. If you have to buy the glycern and gelatin to make a homemade permanent plate it will run around $10-$15 depending on your location. I’d say the both preform as well. The benefit to the homemade is that you can melt it down and repour it if you want a different shape or size or if it gets damaged. The Gelli has a nice package to store it in and is quite durable. Both are excellent at making prints so I guess you can decide what is right for you:)


  2. Question: I noticed that your bottle of glycerin was quite big, bigger than what I found while shopping down the pharmacy isle. It was 6 ounces for $4.69. Is that a fair price? I would have to buy 3 containers to make a gelli plate, and you did say that it would cost around $10 – $15 depending on location. Should I buy it or shop for a cheaper price? Thanks!


      1. Lindsay, I found glycerin for a much cheaper price 🙂 It’s still the 6 oz. bottle, but for $3.88. I haven’t made the gelli plate yet, but plan on making it soon.


  3. Beautiful result and lovin the background too. I have to go back and see what I did wrong, my gelli plate made with the gelatin, water, alcohol and glycerin grew mold. Not sure what I did wrong but I have enough stuff left to give it another try. ~Diane


  4. I like what you have done with this Gelli print. It’s not just the same ole, same ole that’s out there being done. I knew you would come up with new ways to use my Gelli plates. Great work Lindsay!!!


  5. Wow! This post is so cool. I loved your ideas and I want to try them right away. So many beautiful colors. I have also found many inspiring ideas in this book, Have a look!


  6. I just recently found out about you on you tube when I accidentally came across one of your videos, and now I’m addicted to all your fun and creative videos. You got me interested in gelli plate printing, and I just got the stuff to make my own, so I will be attempting to make one sometime in the next couple of days. I really like this daffodil print that you made, but I have one question, what is that stencil that you used? I really like it a lot, and was wondering where I could get one for myself, or if there is an svg file of it that I can use to cut my own with my silhouette. Looking forward to watching more of your awesome videos!


      1. Thanks Lindsay. I found it finally: http://www.joann.com/dcwv-12inx12in-template-floral/13134473.html
        But the bad thing is they no longer sell it. I even tried looking it up on google by full name and by item number, but no one sells it anymore. I feel like crying because I wanted it so bad, lol. I’ve been wanting a stencil like this for some time now, but most of the floral and flowery stencils I find just aren’t quite right, if you know what I mean. This one is was perfect. I would try to trace it and cut it myself, but the picture of it doesn’t show the full stencil.

        Thank you again. Love all your work!



  7. How long do gelli plates last? I have heard somewhere that they are only good for a couple of weeks? What happens to them? How should they be stored? Can we “refresh” the store bought types in the microwave like you explain in one of your wonderful videos? I am addicted to watching gelli videos.


    1. Don’t microwave the store bought Gellis, the homemade ones with glycerin will last for years, the ones that are just gelatin and water need to be refrigerated (lasts 2 weeks) or frozen when not in use. Have fun!


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