What in heck do you do with quirky stamps?

Hello friends! If you are like me you have some real doozys in your rubber stamp collection. I love odd, weird and quirky stamps but these types of stamp can be very hard to use (c’mon, how many times can you use a roller skating rhinoceros?) But I am a believer that you should buy what you love for stamps, especially where there is so much samey-samey going on in the stores. I mean really, do 5 stamp companies need to make a stamp of a Polaroid frame, and does that really need to take up space on the shelf with 500 cute cupcakes and owls? Now, to be fair I have my fair share of cute cupcakes and owls but sometimes a girl wants a little strange. So, of course I was delighted when I discovered Lost Coast Designs at a stamp convention 3 years ago, I loved EVERYTHING in that booth. Linda, the owner, is such a nice lady and after a bit of begging on my part agreed to have me on her design team. Aren’t I a lucky-ducky?  😀 The only problem is that it can be hard to figure out how to use these stamps in everyday cards. But then I realized that I just need to find an element to tie the cool funky stamp to the occasion I wanted to make a card for. Watch how I make an odd animal into a card appropriate for a graduation:

The tie ins were the hand drawn grad hat and the balloons. You just need to bridge the gap between the weird and the common, sketching on a hat or accessory is an easy way to do that. You could sketch a fishing pole in the dogs paw for a retirement card or stamp party hats on any animals for cute birthday invites. Take a look it the unused stamps in your collection and see if there is a way to “bridge the gap” and use them for an everyday or holiday occasion card. I bet you will come up with some really unique, fun and whimsical cards if you do! You can find the stamps I used today, Pencil background, Circus Dogs and Isle of Aud Animals at Lost Coast Designs and tell ‘um Lindsay sent you! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. haha..I will know where to find you & tracey at the stamp show

    love the card


  2. I agree about Facebook, it just leaves a person feeling kind of off. At least with Pinerest I can get motivated (but then it is like “so much to try, so little time.”. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us! 🙂


  3. Hooray for QUIRKY! One of my most favorite stamps (purchased at a convention) is a monkey riding a golden retriever. It makes me smile every time I look at it, and it’s perfect to brighten anyone’s day.


  4. I have some really quirky stamps from a grab bag I bought long ago. Some are duplicates. Want to give them a try? I’m happy to share. Just send your snail-mail address and they’re yours. ssquyresasl@gmail.com


  5. Great post! I just thought that I can use my quirky “What could be scarier?” stamp inside a Happy Birthday card. Hahahaha…. Perfect!! 🙂


  6. Love both cards. Fun and funky, but sure to make the receiver smile and be happy. Yes–why are there soooo many cupcake/owl/flower/elements like banners, swirlies, , etc repeats??? I LOVE owls but really–you can only practically use so many owls. Same for the rest. The stamps I go overboard on are Halloween, Christmas and Easter–in that order. I don’t send many Halloween or Easter cards either, but I love love love the icons that accompany them. I’ve gone to making paper houses in order to use all those stamps/elements. As you say, buy the stamps you love. I’ve regretted talking myself out of stamps I love, telling myself I don’t need them.


  7. I love Lost Coast Designs stamps! They come to our little stamp show every year and it’s usually my first stop! I have to ‘pace’ myself so I won’t spend everything in the first booth I visit. Cool that you are on their design team.


  8. Hi Linds!
    Question, do you have any discount codes for your readers / fans / subscribers Lost Coast Designs?


  9. Oh how fun! You are such a wonderful happy person. I feel the same way about face book.


  10. Very clever!


  11. OMG, quirky stamps are the root of creativity! I bought a bag of unmounted stamps sight unseen. One looked like my grandmother – so that was used for family. One looked like my sisters dog… some funny sayings…you just never know! I had a blast with them.


  12. Thanks Lindsay, I love the look of these but I do struggle with what to do with them, this really helped a lot. ~Diane


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