My First Oil Painting Video Tutorial: Orchids!

Howdy friends. First up I wanted to let you know that I have a 30% off sale in my MyGrafico shop today and tomorrow so if you want to grab some digital goodies everything is on sale from painting kits to digi stamps and everything in between! Now on to the fun! I had been asked to do an oil painting video and I really wanted to but dealing with longer videos was not an option until we replaced our antiquated computer. I wanted to make a relaxed video demonstrating some oil techniques while also instructing you to make a beautiful painting. Did I hit the mark?

I can see areas for improvement but I am pretty happy with it. I forgot how much I enjoyed working in oils. I always dreaded the cleanup and stinky solvents so working with water mixable oils was perfect. You can use whatever kind you prefer, even acrylic paint if you use a bit of extender with it. Remember if you want any digi product from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff it is all 30% off through tomorrow midnight (MyGrafico shop only) so don’t wait! Here are some items that you might like with fathers day right around the corner:

Tool Apron SVGLearn to Paint: Mallard DuckLearn to Paint: Autumn StreamDaddyO! Clips & Cutting

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. Thanks for the video! I received orchids for Mothers Day too – now I not only have to worry about keeping them alive – I am hoping that my tribute to the wonderful gift will turn out half as good as yours! My saving grace is that mine are more of a solid color! LOL. Comment on the length – we have the “fast forward” option when watching if we want, but having the full feature to refer to is wonderful! Impressive work as usual! Your background technique was a great inspiration as well!


  2. loved it and the length was great…tfs as always!


  3. Since even my lamest journal pages can take hours it’s nice to see more of your “process”. Now I must forget this video exists, you’ve already motivated me to try watercolor again. You are probably making it look deceptively easy. :o) I love the background.


  4. I thought that the length of the tutorial was fine, and that you demonstrated just the right amount on how to paint each part of the plant. Very beautiful! I wish you all the luck in the world with your orchid. I don’t have very much luck either with keeping plants alive, at least not the delicate ones.


  5. Hi Lindsay,
    I absolutely LOVE IT when I wake up and there is a new “frugal crafter” video for me! It makes my day, seriously….I use all media including oils and I use traditional oil paints using no solvents at all except walnut oil for blending, extending, and cleaning up. I learned this method from a wonderful artist named Varvara Harmon who is in Windham, Me.


  6. Lindsay!
    If you can keep freaking Sea Monkeys alive then you can keep an Orchid and a raised bed garden going strong.
    Game On! go Fourth and trowel!


  7. Really informative video. You have a good sense of humor and you make me
    laugh. I love the way you added the stencil to your background. I think you should demonstrate a craft with your sister sometime!! Beautiful painting!!


  8. Lindsay, I tried downloading after my purchase – the Mallard Duck – and I have not been able to do so. Now, several days and probably a couple of weeks later I have no idea how to get this purchase under control. I know you know what to do. paula Horn ** Thanks, and I apologize for my bum computer skills. . .


    • Hi Paula, when I get down to my studio I will look up your order and email out the kit to you but if you need it immediately you can contact customer service directly on the MyGrafico site and they can reset your download links.


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