Let’s Paint Coasters! {Learn 4 motifs!}

Hello Friends! Firstly I want to wish all the moms out there a very happy mother’s day. I spent the afternoon with my mom and sister and it was wonderful. Our kids played outside all afternoon and my brother-in-law grilled a yummy dinner! It was in the 70’s and sunny and I think I might have gotten a bit of a tan! I hope your day was great as well. Since mothers day was this week I had the children in my library craft class make these for their moms:
DCF 1.0

We painted with Folk Art Enamels on 4″ glazed white tiles from the home improvement store. There are other nice oven bake paints on the market such as Pebeo and Lefranc & Bougouis but Folk art Enamels are half the price and easier to find, I think you can even get them at Wal*Mart. This is a beginner acrylic tutorial. You can paint any of these designs with regular acrylic paints on any surface you want and it will be lovely. I recommend using an enamel for glass or ceramic though and only paint areas of your ceramic that will not come in contact with food. For instance you can paint the outside of a coffee mug below the rim where you sip but not the inside of the mug. Get my drift? Now, grab a brush and let’s paint!

That was pretty easy eh? If you are wondering what my dog was barking at during the video there was a neighbors cat in the woods behind my house, he visits often and is very interested in the chickens. I do not think he can harm them since the chickens are as big as he is but he drives my dog nuts! In case you were wondering below are a list of the colors I used in the tutorial. They came in a kit. I would prefer more vivid basic colors so I would mix a variety of shades (I think I will pick up some primaries the next time I am at the store) but these colors do coordinate well together.

The colors I am using are:
#4001 Wicker white
#4032 Licorice
#4026 Midnight
#4029 Violet Pansy
#4019 Fresh Foliage
#4022 Thicket
#4007 Berry Wine
#4015 Yellow Ocher
#4016 School Bus
#4013 Coffee Bean
#4014 Burnt Sienna

After the coasters were dry I put felt pads on the bottom so they would not scratch the furniture. Remember to let your ceramics dry for 21 days or dry 24 hours and bake at 350F or 177C (in your home oven) for 30 minutes to fully cure the enamel. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. Simply lovely. You make it look so easy . . . I’m going to have to give it a try. Thank you so much, and a Happy Mother’s Day to you too!


  2. Lovely! Will be giving these a try. TFS!
    Helen — Firenze Cards


  3. I was one of the “kids” at craft class this month, and I am still amazed at how beautifully these came out! Really, Lindsay’s amazing at breaking things down into manageable steps that anyone can do. This was a great class–and the results are pretty much guaranteed. Love it!


  4. Hi! I found this video on you tube its awesome!! I love tricks like these! Im hoping you can help me! 🙂 so I have some outdated accent tiles in my kitchen that arent going to match our new counter. Instead of ripping it all out I would like to paint ONLY the accent tiles. I have 9 that would need painted gold and 9 to be painted black they are the stabdard 5×5? ceramic tile with a shiny look to them, which is the other part of my concern what do I gloss them with whem im done. Can I do this with acrylics ? Or enamel acrylics like you used? The folk art metallic gold is what im liking but i feel like it wont hold up. Any info would be very helpful I cant find much info on this especially regarding gold paint.

    Many thanks!



    • Hi Marie, make sure you get the Folk Art Enamel paint or a tile paint from Pebeo. It does not need to be bakes, it can cure in 3 weeks ar room temp so no harsh washing until that time is over and you will be fine. Bother are supurb paint, the folk ar enamel is easier to find though, just make sure it is the enamel one:)


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