Pom-Poms & Bracelets!

Howdy friends! First of all and want to thank everyone who purchased a Bow Making Jig, they have been selling as fast as my hubby can make them. So of course I want to make sure that if you bought one you have more cool ways to use it. This idea came from my mom:

Cool huh? Now, if you are handy there is no reason you can’t drill holes in wood and stick some dowels in them, that is totally cool but if you don’t want to you can purchase one of our hardwood jigs here. You also get two sets of box making templates with it (I throw these in to offset the cost of shipping.) If you ordered a jig before I offered the free box templates just send me an email at artstudiosofbangor@yahoo.com with your order number and I will email the templates out to you. I always hate it when I buy something and then it goes on sale or there is a better offer so I want to make it good for everyone who ordered. I’ll be posting a cool necklace made on the jig in a few days too, it is really a fun useful tool. ¬†Well, that is enough shameless selling for one night! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!