One Brush Wonder!

Hello Friends! Today we are going to paint a coastal landscape with one brush and four colors of watercolor paint. This is a beginner tutorial, I explain mixing color, using a wax resist, composition, drawing, lifting colors (why some colors lift and some do not) and lots of ways to use a 1″ flat angular brush or a 1″ flat wash brush.

Supplies: 140# rough watercolor paper, 1″ flat or angular synthetic brush, watercolor paint (ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, yellow ocher, sap green) wax, cut up credit card, stiff oil painting brush, paper towel. I sketched the design with Graphatint watercolor pencils but you can use a regular pencil if you wish. It makes no difference, I used the watercolor pencils so I could draw darkly so it would show up on video without leaving dark lines when I paint.

Do you think you could paint this? I know you can, I believe in you! Thanks so much for spending part of your day with me and til next time happy crafting!



16 Responses

  1. Thank you so much. This is amazing.


  2. Lindsay, This painting is amazing. Thanks for the lesson.


  3. At Easter when decorating eggs I noticed that the drips of dye on the paper towel were lovely and vibrant so I put some egg dye in a spray bottle and voila!!! Colored mist!!! The pill form of dye makes a soft pastel color; the dye in the white paper envelopes is very deep and rich. Now I don’t have to discard my leftover dye after Easter. Of course, only time will tell about its stability. But fun with which to play.


  4. Lindsay, thanks for the extra long video! loved it and yes want more, even tho we know you hate to edit! lol… amazing turn out and great new techniques i never knew… TFS again just love it! 🙂 such talent and such a sweet spirit! ❤


  5. Wonderful! Love all the tips about color, thank you! 🙂


  6. Ho yes it is worth editing !!! I love the wax technique !! I always have problems with foam and that is just great !
    Thank you !


  7. Loved the extra long video thankyou for doing it!!! Learn something new from you everyday


  8. I have been gathering all my supplies to get started! Love all your videos their great can’t wait to start!


  9. Lindsay, every precious minute is so worth it! I learned so much about art theory and technique just by watching. Thank you SO much for all that you graciously share with us!


  10. That is just beautiful. Hope I can do it.


  11. Thank you soooo very much. Learn so many new things with each video of yours I watch. My sister is an artist by nature, but I have to work very hard to learn. I will keep trying. So glad I found you.


  12. What a beautiful painting, you make it look so easy. I like the longer video. Your a great teacher. Thanks for the video!


  13. This was very helpful. Do you need to worry about the wax residue at all?


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