One Brush Wonder!

Hello Friends! Today we are going to paint a coastal landscape with one brush and four colors of watercolor paint. This is a beginner tutorial, I explain mixing color, using a wax resist, composition, drawing, lifting colors (why some colors lift and some do not) and lots of ways to use a 1″ flat angular brush or a 1″ flat wash brush.

Supplies: 140# rough watercolor paper, 1″ flat or angular synthetic brush, watercolor paint (ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, yellow ocher, sap green) wax, cut up credit card, stiff oil painting brush, paper towel. I sketched the design with Graphatint watercolor pencils but you can use a regular pencil if you wish. It makes no difference, I used the watercolor pencils so I could draw darkly so it would show up on video without leaving dark lines when I paint.

Do you think you could paint this? I know you can, I believe in you! Thanks so much for spending part of your day with me and til next time happy crafting!