How to Draw Faces {Art Journal Tutorial}

Hi Friends! People seem to have a tough time drawing faces but it is quite easy if you know a few tricks. Here is a journal page I made yesterday:

DCF 1.0

I constantly need to remind myself of that when I am obsessing over something that I did or said or was said to me. It is also a very useful quote when dealing with tween girl drama! Good ole’ Eleanor Roosevelt, keepin’ it real since 1884 LOL! Now on to the super easy face drawing tutorial:

I hope you try this, charcoal, conte’ crayon and pastel are great for this as you can smudge away any mistakes, You can use hairspray (the cheapest stuff is best like Aqua Net aerosol) to set the drawing before adding more media as well. Have fun with it. Faces are so expressive and art journaling is about expression so naturally they go hand in hand…or face as the case may be. I hope you enjoyed this bonus art journal project this week and til next time happy crafting!