Mixed Media Fun: Paint Pouring & Stamping Gear!

Howdy folks. I have a simple art journal page for you today with lots of fun tips and tricks:

DCF 1.0

I had a request to do some paint pouring and I will show you my no-waste method and share one of my neglected tools, the Stamping Gear, I also have a tip for keeping those pesky pages from curling, have a look:

I hope you enjoyed this mixed media tutorial and I will have another art journal tutorial for you tomorrow! It’s a mixed Media Weekend here at the frugal crafter! If you create something please share it over on the facebook page so we can all ohhhh and ahhh over it! Thanks to Oriental Trading Company for Supplying the Canson XL Mixed Media Pad, Bombay India Inks and Micron Pens I used in today’s tutorial. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “Mixed Media Fun: Paint Pouring & Stamping Gear!

  1. Loved that journal page. Got the journal just haven’t tried doing it yet. India Inks on Amazon Prime are 27.97 with free shipping. They are on my wish list . I need to use more of my supplies, I have lots of pastels and chalks I haven’t used much. I used my pastels with water like you showed us but can I use water with the pebbles chalk sets?


    1. Emily, you can use a blender pen or damp paintbrush to pick up color from the pebbles inks like you would watercolors for a very soft coloring effect. Works great and is easy to control. Great for coloring stamped images on smooth cardstock.


  2. Hi Lindsay!

    I have a request. There are so many videos out there on using stencils with embossing pastes, gesso, etc., but hardly any on just the basics of using a stencil. Like, what is the easiest ways to use them; what are the best ways to use them with them with acrylics or distress inks; how to clean them without bending them; etc?

    Again, thanks for all you do for us!


  3. Hi Lindsay, I have a challenge for you. You showed how to make flip it cards using any die without the cost of buying the flip it die bases. I want to know if you can figure out a way to do the new pivot cards without buying the expensive base dies to make them.I will be playing with the idea to figure it out too but hoping you can come up with something clever.


  4. I love this! As always, I learn so much from your tutorials! I appreciate so much your non-threatening manner that makes it so easy to relax & have fun.


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