Ask a Crafter #34 {Lorraine is back!}

Hello folks! I hope you are having a good week! I have been enjoying my new camera set-up (working right side up is a treat!) and because so many of you asked me how I rigged my camera up I have a brief demo at the beginning of this weeks ask a crafter. I was hoping to have both Lorraine and Kathy on the show this week as a special treat because you had to go without last week while we had school vacation but it didn’tย work out. I did get Lorraine in though and we still managed to have a blast. Grab a cuppa, have a seat and ask a crafter!

If you have a question for next weeks show leave it in the comments. Don’t you think it would be fun to have Kathy and Lorraine on together? All it takes is a little peer pressure encouragement from you guys and I can make it happen. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

23 thoughts on “Ask a Crafter #34 {Lorraine is back!}

  1. I’m sure you’ve answered this before, but for re-activating ink pads, will glycerin from the pharmacy work or does it need to be from a health food store? What is the difference?


    1. the difference is purity (the health food store stuff is food grade) but both will work the same


  2. Great to see Lorraine – it’s a great idea to have Kathy and Lorraine on – thanks for another informative video!


  3. LOL! Yep this week is ringing all sorts of bells for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Living in the UK – and yes, Lorraine, it is in fact raining here today AGAIN – but originally from Virginia, so Lorraine’s sweatshirt (or hoodie, as we say here) made me slightly homesick. I also just set up a camera rig using some PVC piping and a couple of angle connectors and a screw that fits the tripod connector on the camera itself. I agree, a threesome (snicker) would make for a fun Ask a Crafter. On the pattern mixing, I’ve seemed to settle into a standard mix – one big, bold pattern, one grid or strip, and one dot or small pattern. More for mixing PATTERNS than colours, and it works for me. There is something I recall, I want to say it is Gallon/Quart/Pint, from home decor, that says you should have a LOT on one colour, a smaller amount of another coordinating colour and a small amount of a contrasting accent. I’ve def. made inks from old packs of scrapbook dyes. They work really well. So a great episode this week!

    Now I just need to know how you edit your videos and how easy it is …but I’m guessing it might be a PC-based program so maybe not…I’ll have to soldier on with iMovie.


    Mary Anne


    1. the only ones I edit are Papermart sponsored videos, the rest go as it to youtube:) Honestly I’d rather reshoot than edit LOL!


  4. Great to see you Lorraine, we missed you. Great video Lindsay. Would love to see You, Kathy and Lorraine together on the next video, what fun.


  5. Thanks for all your good info – I watch all your tutorials and am in love with water coloring, although I’m a rank amateur – I would very much like to order some sketches and tutorials from your shop – can you explain to a very electronically challenged beginner how this works?


  6. I have found when mixing patterns that if you give your eyes a place to rest in between, you can mix really odd and bold pieces (within good design of course)….for example when you see a crazy quilt, there are many patterns, but because there is a neutral border around them, it is pleasing to look at the individual pieces as well as the whole quilt. Your eyes have a place to rest before moving on to the rest of the piece. It only needs to be a sliver or frame, and it also adds interest and ties the piece together.
    Hope this helps someone….it really helped me!
    Jan Castle


  7. I don’t know how to send you a question so I will try here. I am left handed and want to use water color pencils. Anybody out there got any tips? Always enjoy your videos and your pals.


  8. Oh, joy! Loraine is back! And Kathy, please come back too, but bring a “talking stick” with you. ( I think it was used in Indian powwows: the stick was passed around the circle and only the person holding the stick could talk.) Only way for you to get a word in, edgewise or otherwise! Seriously, wish all 3 of you lived next door to me.

    Now, Amazing Lindsay, an off topic question. What were the 12 Flower Fairys in your first set of FF Stamps? I am obsessed with Cecily Mary Barkers’ artwork, poetry, life story, everything! Coloring as many of her stamps as I can find is my goal right now.

    Thanks for a lovely afternoon.


    1. Hi Laurel, I got 4 clear stamp sets first and they were spring , summer fall and winter, the fairies in there were:
      Winter: Blackthorn, box tree, snowdrop, Fal: White bryony, Sloe, Rosehip, Spring: Lady’s smock, Daisy, Primrose, Summer: Forget me not, Harebell, WildThyme

      The rubber stamp sets with indivual fairys plus their accessories were:
      Christmas tree
      candy tuft
      rose-bay willow herb
      canerbury bell
      sweet pea
      (larger sets)
      almond blossom

      Hope it helps! I’m so glad I got them because I cannot find them anymore!


  9. Hello Lindsay and Lorraine! I just looooove ask a crafter. We get the latest episode around 12.30-1.00am here in the UK and I wait with excitement for it to pop up on YouTube lol. I have a couple of questions, well I need US to UK translation really lol. 1 what is simple green? And 2 Is what you call dish soap our washing up liquid or dishwasher machine liquid? Thanks for all you do and for the entertainment you and your guests provide, it’s just brilliant! Ps is there a way to refresh pigment ink pads? Thanks again, Lesley x


    1. dis soap is washing up liquid. I’m not sure of an alternative to simple green but it is available worldwide, there is a store finder on their website. I have a tutorial on making your own pigment ink here:


  10. Welcome back, Lorraine!

    First of all, it seems that YouTube has changed their format because there is no link to add a comment so I had to go to your blog to post my question.

    My question is, where can I find smaller sized spray bottles whose spray mechanism can accommodate thicker fluids without clogging? I’m trying to spray acrylic paints, but they invariably clog and I can’t get them to clear.

    Again, thanks for all you do! And tell Kathy we all hope she feels better soon!



  11. Your BOW MAKER is FANTASTIC! I LOVE IT! I Can’t believe how easy it is to make perfect bows EVERY TIME. I thank you from the bottom of my ribbon pile!
    Thanks to your hubby too. Great job!


  12. I have purchased a rock a block from crafters companion but I did know I would need it so did not purchase the recommended adhesive spray. Is there something I may have on hand I could use? Thanks for your advice


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