Painting Peacock Feathers with Pencils!

Howdy folks! Today I want to inspire you to dig out your colored pencils and paint a peacock feather:

DCF 1.0

This one is done in Inktense watercolor pencils (and it is the one I am demonstrating in today’s video):

DCF 1.0

This one was done with Polychromos colored pencils:

DCF 1.0

You can use any kind of pencils for this but I like the watercolor pencils for vibrancy. Won’t you paint a long with me?

I also painted a 2 minute bookmark on watercolor paper. That is a fun no-stress project that makes a great gift!

DCF 1.0

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “Painting Peacock Feathers with Pencils!

  1. Love this one Lindsey, very pretty. Also love that you have discovered Doc Martin – Portwenn (Port Isaac) is just down the coast from us and is a really beautiful village. Martin Clunes (Dr Ellingham) is such a wonderful actor, if you’d like to see him in his younger days have a look for the series ‘Men behaving badly’ that he made with Neil Morrissey – hilarious!

    Can you tell me the name of the 2nd colour you used on the peacock feather?

    Many thanks as always



  2. as usual, love it!!!! I am going to have to definitely try this with my mom. She has Parkinsons and slight dimensia and we did your flower (mason jar) water color painting the other day. She had fun.


    1. oh, that will be nice. I have a landscape tutorial coming up that you also might like to paint with her. The shakiness actually makes landscapes look better. I worked with some Parkinson’s patients at the senior center I used to teach at.


  3. Loved this tutorial. Had lots of fun. Can I link this tutorial on my blog? I am just starting out in blog land and trying to build up posts. You are one of my favorites to go to for tutorials and understanding how different mediums work. I would like to share your links on my blog if it’s okay with you. I won’t take credit for your work just want to share and pass along information on ideas and such.


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