Mixed Media Fun: Markers & Pens!

Happy weekend folks! I am still tired and I honestly think someone switched my coffee to decaf this week! Do you remember those Taster’s Choice commercials from the 1980’s where you would see a shot of people in a restaurant and the announcer would come on and say “we secretly switched their coffee to Taster’s Choice Instant coffee, let’s see if anyone noticed…” We’ll that is how I felt this week. Hmm, come to think of it was it Folgers,  Taster’s Choice..or Sanka, I don’t remember. I even asked my husband if he switched my coffee because I had run out and I had him grab me a bag at Dunkin Donuts. His reply was “Why would I want that, you not having caffeine is not good for anybody.” LOL! It would be a really dirty trick on school vacation too. Anyway, I have an art journal page for you today using a quote by Oprah Winfrey:

DCF 1.0

She always comes up with great inspirational quotes! I used markers in my journal. I did not try to blend or do anything fancy, just have fun, I hope you like it! I also used homemade stencils, spray inks and masks, nothing fancy to see here folks!

Sorry about the lost train of thought when the phone rang, to finish the story a lady had emailed me about how to fix her old-style Spectrum Noir markers because she just bought them and some were dry and I told her to put 3-5 drops of denatured alcohol or blending solution in the marker and she was good to go:) Thanks to Oriental Trading Company for the Canson XL Journal and Micron pens I used today and thank YOU for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Mixed Media Fun: Markers & Pens!

  1. Hi Lindsay, Love your art journal page and Oprah’s quote, thanks for the inspiration. I diverted to the “fixing dry markers” video because I also have some Spectrum Noir markers which have dried out. Can you please tell me if Denatured Alcohol is similar to Rubbing Alcohol? Do you think I could use Rubbing Alcohol for dry markers or should I buy some Denatured Acohol? Thanks as always for your inspiring videos, I love seeing my email notifications that you have posted a new video. 🙂


    1. I would get a tin of denatured alcohol at the hardware store, it will last forever and it is fabulous, so much stronger (less water content) then rubbing alcohol. Some folks tried rubbing alcohol and said it only worked temporarily:)


  2. Thank you for the tip on fixing dry markers, it was very timely, just bought some Spectrum Noirs when I was out of town today and I tried them out when I got home and 2 were dry :(The packing looked different then the rest that I have at home. Maybe they were old. Anyway, if I can’t get them returned maybe I can try the denatured alcohol 🙂


  3. I love that you can be interrupted and then just pick up where you left off…..it is a good reminder that that is just a real part of all our lives.


  4. Lindsey, I would love to know how to use Artist oil Pastels..(Sennelier brand)
    and what is a stabilo(carbothello) used for ??? thanks, Ruth


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