Quick Art Therapy & a Winner!

Hello friends! What a wild, busy week! I am always happy to have my kids home on school break but I must say by the end of the week I feel like I need a vacation! First off I want to announce the winner of the Art Neko Stamp Giveaway….kellyphillips62 Yay! You get the stamps I used on last Fridays post and a $10 gift certificate to Art Neko (formally About Art Accents) check your email for contact details! We had 267 entries, wow, thanks for playing everyone! Tonight I have another fun card for you also using stamps from Art Neko:

DCF 1.0

As I mentioned before, I love having my kids home but this week I felt more like a chauffeur than a mom, I’m glad they have activities they enjoy but I would have enjoyed just chillin’ at home with them a bit more. Oh well, we have an entire summer for that LOL! Anyway, as I mentioned I was exhausted tonight but I also had the itch to get inky in my studio. This card takes only a few minutes to make, it is wild and fun and you are only using a stamp, a sheet of plain white cardstock and watercolors (the kids watercolors are fine for this too!)

This is a great warm up exercise too, remember you are only using a sheet of cardstock so don’t worry about it, just paint! It’s fun, don’t over-think it! OK, now I am really tired. I hope you have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

19 thoughts on “Quick Art Therapy & a Winner!

  1. I love watercolor cards..they are the prettiest….thanks for sharing and love…love..your new camera angle…..tfs


  2. That was fast!!! I just finished some cards for a swap (6 all the same and done assembly line style….6 hours). I need to change my way of doing things – LOL!


  3. So pretty & love the stamps from Art Neko.
    I know you like quotes for your art journal inspiration. How about finishing this sentence:
    The truest sentence I know is____________
    Then you figure out what images to use. Hope that provides a bit of inspiration! Thanks as always for your posts & videos.


  4. I don’t think I overthink anything and to make a card like this sure is art therapy which I could use some of . . Thanks for the lesson.


  5. Great video, think Im definately going to do some today for the first time….I can do it…..I can do it…..LOL.


  6. Love this one, Lindsay! Keep going, and I might actually try to do it! Lol!! I now have a stamp or two, some ink, and some water colors. One thing at a time, huh?


  7. Fast, Fun & Loose LOL! I love how the cards turned out and the colorful spontaneous fun. Thanks for your time. Enjoyable as always! ~Terry Y.


  8. I love this one….esp. since you can be messy or undefined should I say 🙂 and still have something pretty.


  9. Love your journaling Lindsey, what a fabulously inspiring book you will have. Have been merrily pressing the ‘thumbs up’ button but nothing seems to be happening. Anyway, it’s always a Big ‘thumbs up’ from me here in Merrie England!


    1. ps if you’d like to see some traditional Border Morris dancing I have put a video of our latest crazy outing on my Facebook page (I think we’re friends lol) take a peek x


  10. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    I never win anything and I am so excited.
    I have so many ideas and just need to make the time
    Thanks so much Lindsay I love your videos and ideas so much.


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