DIY Gelato Blending Tools!

Howdy friends! Today I will show you how to make the best blending tool for your gelatos, gel sticks, water-soluble oil pastels and inkpads. All you need are clothespins, white craft foam, cotton balls and rubber bands. Let’s whip up a batch of these useful tools!

Fun huh? I use these all the time and I hope you like them too. Happy crafting!


19 Responses

  1. Hi from Australia. I watched the video on frugal blender’s before my trip to town. To my delight, our little craft shop had funfoam and dolly pegs.. But when l got home…so sad…no cotton wool in the house. Can you suggest an alternative padding medium. Many thanks for ALL your great videos blog’s and ideas you share so willingly.


  2. Do they still make those kind of clothespins?


  3. Brilliant!


  4. Would these work on the distress inks too?


  5. Love this – having a hard time finding the clothes pins – but the search is still young. Lots of the clamp ones, but can’t find the rounded tip ones….Another store – another day. Thanks for all your inspirational videos and amazing tips, tricks and zany antics!


  6. You are soooooooooooooooooo Clever Lindsay…now to find that type of clothes pin/pen???? LOL!


  7. I don’t know if I can find them either. I use a lot of cliip clothespins in crafts. I don’t think too many people use the old kind. Might show up at an auction in a miscellaneous box.


  8. can you use it on chalks?


  9. I thought you had made a video on these before also. You must have mentioned it on a video because I certainly wouldn’t have made these without your suggestion. Thank you for yet another fab idea.


  10. I’ve tried several times to watch the video but just get the symbol showing that it’s opening. It never gets to the point where I can see it. I don’t have any trouble opening the advertising video, just yours. Any suggestions?


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