Let’s Draw then Color with Cheap Markers {that look expensive!}

Howdy folks! You know how it is, you browse the galleries and shops online coveting the lovely new stamps that have been colored in with the most expensive of markers. Then you came to your senses and decided to visit my blog because you know I’ll show you how to do it cheaper and what’s more you will have a one-of-a-kind creation that others will try to copy. Today we will draw a cyclamen flower (you CAN do this, it’s easy!) then I am going to show you how to color it beautifully with ANY alcohol markers and to prove my point I am using Sharpies. You will need a colorless blending marker that is alcohol based, any brand is fine but it must be alcohol based if you are using alcohol markers. If you don’t have one it will be hard to get the colors really light. Most large craft stores have the Prismacolor brand markers and they work great, pick up a clear one (retail $4.50) with your coupon and you will be all set. Ready? Here we go!

You can do this technique with watercolor markers and a waterbased blender pen too but you don’t want to keep going over the paper or you will damage it. If you are using waterbased markers blend it once and leave it. So, do you feel like you can draw this flower? I did it upside down so I KNOW you can do it right side up:) Just think of everything you could draw and ll the money you could save on stamps…OK…I seem to remember something about a pot calling a kettle something or other…well, we don’t need to give up our stamps but it is a nice option don’t you think? BTW another great thing about alcohol markers is that you can color over ink-jet printed images and they won’t bleed, there are millions of free coloring pages online or digital stamps you can buy (in my shop for instance, shameless plug) so you can skip the drawing and get to the fun of coloring.  😀  Either way, you do not have to spend a lot to get the look you want. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

13 thoughts on “Let’s Draw then Color with Cheap Markers {that look expensive!}

  1. That is so pretty. I have a ton of these markers and never thought to use them in this way. I will give it a try tonight actually. Thank you for always sharing the ideas that most wouldn’t even think of doing.


  2. Hi Lindsay!
    Another great tutorial on using inexpensive supplies and getting really pretty results!
    I have a few Ask A Crafter type of questions. Appreciate your advice! I want to try to do repetitive doodling like Zentangle using free form lines, stencils or line drawings/digi stamps using a laser printer. Do you think I could get similar results with inexpensive pens and cardstock instead of Micron pens and Zentangle “tiles”, paper or journals? I want to eventually create a Zentangle art journal page or cover utilizing mixed media as well as adding color (water based markers or water color paint maybe?) to the doodling without losing the crisp design and cresting muddy color on the paper. What do you think would be my best approach? Thanks again Lindsay!


    1. you can try a fine tipped sharpie for drawing as long as you color with water based media or try a waterbased pen if you want to color with Sharpies, think opposites don’t smear and you should be fine. You can use cardstock or bristol board for paper and be fine:)


  3. Great tutorial Lindsay, I love the way that you used the lighter coloured marker to pick up and blend some of the darker shade. I love the depth you got with the Sharpies. 🙂


    1. if you want to make blending easier you can color and area first with the clear blending marker and color over it with the colors, it helps the color spread. I don’t think I had to prime any of these areas because they were so small. When you prime make sure you go a bit within the lines because sometimes the extra alcohol can make the colors blend outside the lines:)


  4. Lindsay you always amaze me, wish I had half the talent you have. I just love your tutorials. Have a good week


  5. Came to this tutorial via Splitcoaststampers…so glad I took the time to watch the entire video…lots of great tips. thanks!


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