Mixed Media Fun: Gelli Prints, Gesso & Colored Pencils

It’s Saturday, art journal day, yay!  Here is what we will work on today:

DCF 1.0

I have 3 separate videos for these techniques, you can watch what you want. The first video will be making the page:

This video is on Gelatin printmaking, I collaged gelli  prints on the above page so here is how I made them:

This last quick video is a quick tip for keeping your painted and ‘podged journal pages from sticking together:

I want to thank Oriental Trading Company for supplying the Canson XL Mixed Media Pad, Micron Pens and Coloursoft Pencils I used in today’s tutorial. I hope you give mixed media art journaling a go and if you have any questions leave ‘um below! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. I’m thrilled you are doing some art journaling pages. This month I’ve been doing a class and making a page every day! So fun. I like the way you’ve used your previous gelli-plate art. Perfect for art journaling.


  2. The journal page is very cool. I like the gelli printing. You mentioned leaving a comment here if there’s something else we’d like to see. It may be too simple for most of your crafters, but I’m new to a lot of these techniques and one thing I’d like to learn more about is die cut machines, and texture plates– how they’re used, which ones are preferred, different things you can do with them, embossing etc. Thanks again Lindsay!


  3. I enjoy your video: your process & your sense of humor.
    Where did you get the Gelli Plate? I just looked for it at Joann’s & didn’t find it.


  4. Oh, my friend, you are a natural for art journalling. It’s obvious you would be since you are a well rounded crafter and ARTIST. I just love visiting your blog. I get excited when I see frugal rafter in my blog feed. You Rock!! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I always get multiple ideas when I visit you. Thanks again.


  5. Really enjoyed this, I’ve never seen this done before, but I think I’m going to try it soon. I have a question Lindsey. I have one or two urban stamps that I was using at the same time I was embossing, and the stamps will not stick on my block very well now, is there anything I can do to get them to stick again, or are they lost forever, thank you for any advice you can give, rita from ireland.


    • you probably got the greasy embossing ink on the back side, wash them with dish soap and water and they should stick again once they are dry.


  6. Hi Lindsey! It’s always so much fun to see your videos…so full of ideas and inspiration. A simple ‘thank you’ doesn’t come close to really expressing my gratitude. But thank you! You said we could leave a comment if there’s something else we’d like to see – and actually, there is….I have about a ton of gelli prints, most of them on deli paper. I love the texture that the deli paper gets when a few layers of acrylic have been applied. Still delicate, it becomes stronger. It’s fun to tear, I don’t think it has a grain like most papers. Anyway, I’d love to see some ideas for collage, journals, maybe even art quilts made from the papers. What all can we do with these things that are quickly taking over my art space? I love them and the process of creating them is indeed addictive and I am so in love with the process and the results. Thank you again, Lindsey…*hugs*


  7. I did this process with spray inks, my question is what do I use to “seal it” so I can use it in my art journal and NOT lose the pattern when I apply gesso or matte medium? Thanks!


  8. Hi Lindsay! OMG! I had tell someone who would listen to a middle aged woman that just got ring her first set (24) of Prismacolor Premier Pencils! I feel like a 6 year old with a brand new pencil box! The smell! The colors! EVERYTHING! I am so excited! I had always dissed the whole colored pencil thing and now I know why. I was using those cheap (no names) a because they are scratchy, don’t blend and don’t even smell good. I am stunned at the difference. These are smooth and glide along wonderfully. Thanks for your advice to us all about colored pencils. Big problem though, now I want more!
    Enjoy your Sunday. We are looking forward to Easter in Bridgton, Me and some R&R. I will be sure to bring my Prismacolors along.


  9. Did you post the printable page of Dolly Parton Quotes you mentioned in your video? I don’t know where to find the printable document.


  10. LOL! So behind in catching up – what a surprise to hear myself mentioned 🙂 Another tip for you – and to be fair I’ve not finished watching the video so you may show this later on 🙂 – but for printing IN your journal my best tip is to get a really big piece of acrylic and put the plate on that. Now you have a gelli STAMP. Do the decorative texture thing to it then pick the whole thing up and stamp it down onto your page. This does two things – first, it allows you to see exactly where you are placing your print (helpful when the page is bigger than your plate!) and second, you can get good pressure all over the plate, moreso than when you press a stack of journal pages to the plate when working on a “middle” page. I find this works really well when using the 6×6 plate or masking say a circle. It helps too when layering. So if you mask all but a silhouette figure, for example, and want it to appear perfectly placed in a certain areas of a print, you can!Sometimes I get confused and think a print will put something on the LEFT and only after I print do I realize I forgot to consider the flip over reorientation DOH! This way I can see my mistake immediately.
    Anyway, now back to the video – if I’d have left making a comment till the end I’d have forgotten what I wanted to say – another DOH!

    Mary Anne


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