Easy Easter Favor Boxes!

Howdy friends! Yesterday I showed you how to make an Easter Basket out of a cardboard box and today I’ll show you have to make carrot inspired treat box sliders using supplies from Papermart:

I used Macaroon Boxes, Tulle, Satin RibbonRicRac, Baker’s Twine,  Unstrung Merchandise Tags,  Corrugated Paper, and a Glue Gun and Glue Sticks. This was a fun project! You can really adapt it to any theme but I thought carrot colored Easter treats would be handy this time of year.

DCF 1.0

They will stand up on their own or you can place them in your snazzy handmade Easter basket!

DCF 1.0

Best of all the boxes come neatly stacked in a pack of 25 so you can have them always on hand for upcoming projects and packaging. I love versatile products, don’t you? Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0


10 Responses

  1. I love the basket. I remember as a chd my mother had special Easter baskets like this for my brother and I. Mine was purple and my brothers was yellow. Aww the good ole days. I’m as old as I sound lol!


  2. The treat boxes are adorable…and the bunny boy and girl –love them too.


  3. They are adorable, I have no one to make them for, but I guess I could make them for myself? 😉

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  4. love the favor boxes. Tried to make a pattern for a matchbox and didn’t succeed very well. this will do the trick.


  5. just started watching your latest “ask a crafter” and I was shocked to hear you mention my name and answer my question! Thanks so much. I figured out how to post a comment also. I will mention here as I did on you tube that your nails are perfect! How do you manage that as well as everything else?
    Best Thoughts,
    Bridgton1 (you tube username)


    • LOL! Really? I trim them, that is about it LOL! I rarely polish them because I work with my hands and they chip and it seems to weaken the nails. I think diet plays into nail health more than anything, I am a really healthy eater, I eat an all plant based diet and I think it keeps the nails, skin and hair healthy;) You made my day Cheryl:)


  6. No seriously! You nails are amazing! I eat all plant based as well, vegetarian and that’s not popular when you are a chef! Maybe it is because I am always using mine as tools! The sun is out here on Cape Cod today. My house in Maine is beginning to get slushy! It’s almost mud season…then it’s the dreaded black flies.I use an herbal spray they hate so I keep them at bay that way.Have a wonderful day!


    • Like to know what you use for an herbal spray. We have gnats and mosquitoes here in Virginia on the river.


      • Burts Bees Herbal Insect Repellent!!! It works on killer insects. I even rub it on my Wheaten Terrier that has long hair to ward off ticks. It’s a little bit (not bad) oily, but it smells wonderful! Good Luck!


  7. So clever, easy and cute! Thank you for sharing all your great ideas with us!


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