Mixed Media Fun 3: Stencils!

Happy Saturday Friends! We just rented Frozen for a family movie night, the girls loved it. It was a good movie but I feel a bit sad that every kids animated move has that computer generated look to it now, the movie was beautiful, don’t misunderstand me, what happened to painterly animation? I think the last old-fashioned looking animated movie I saw was the Princess & the Frog a few years ago, and it was great. I hope the trend swings back there soon at least for a few movies. It occurred to me that I have not been keen on any of the kids movies the last few years and I think that is why, too much computer animation. It’s just like with our movies, I’m a sci-fi fan and I’d rather see a blurry shadow than a fake computer monster (we all know what we can’t see in the shadow is scarier anyway LOL!) But I digress, speaking of jumping on the bandwagon I have another art journal/mixed media tutorial for you today using stencils:

DCF 1.0

I used a quote from Dolly Parton but after I wrote it I realized I should have put “got” instead of “have” sorry Dolly! I thought it might be less intimidating to focus on one supply or technique with these videos so newbies don’t get overwhelmed and pros can take a technique further (plus I can demo it in under 20 minutes!) Here is Mixed Media Fun with Stencils!

I want to thank Oriental Trading Company for supplying me with the Canson XL Mixed Media journal and the Micron pens. You can find my tutorial on making the ink blenders and spray inks here. If you have a supply or technique you would like to see in an upcoming mixed media video then leave a comment. Even if you do not do mixed media or art journaling these techniques can be applied to painting, cardmaking, scrapbooking, quilting and more! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Good point and question.


  2. Hi Lindsay, Would you consider listing the craft shows that you participate in on your blog. I am confident that it would be a HUGE draw (no punn intended)!


  3. Great video Lindsay. I just recently purchased some stencils and havent tried them yet so this video was very timely for me and I loved how you mixed the patterns, it turned out very pretty.


  4. Hi again,
    can you please remind us all out in the craft world what you said the uses for a Prism colorless pencil was? I know I saw it on one of your videos, but now I cant remember. AGH!!!
    your pesky friend,


  5. Hi Lindsay,
    I tried the spritzing of the card stock and rolling pin over the embossing folder thing as per your tutorial. It did emboss the card stock (kinda heavy weight) but when it dried it was warped. Did it get it too wet or something? I can’t glue it down like that. Rats!


  6. I agree with you on this animation thing. I loved the oldies. They were the ones that expressed human feelings like no other computer generated character.


  7. And again, I am loving the MM stuff but shame OTC doesn’t allow website purchases from outside the US (and Canada) – I am always tempted by their stuff and the prices.


  8. I had some extra time today and I am catching up on a few videos I missed. Glad I saved them as I really enjoy all your tips. ~Diane


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