Need More Marker Ideas? We’ve got ‘um!

Hi guys! Do you have waterbased markers? Marvy LePlume, Whispers, Distress, Tombow, Memento, Stampin Up or others? Today I am going to share a few techniques with you. Some might be old favorites, some might be new but hopefully by the end of the video you will see how versatile your watercolor marks are! Also, I’ll let you know what I think of a new waterproof inkpad I bought. Enjoy the video! 😀

That card won’t win any awards but it was fun and isn’t that the point? The stamp I used is from Art Neko (formally About Art Accents) and it is available as a single image, a plate of 10 designs or a set of 6 plates with all 50 states birds and flowers plus bonus stamps, they are gorgeous and perfect if you love to color! Well, that’s it for me tonight, one of my favorite shows that has been on break for weeks because of March Madness is back on, I’m gonna watch me some Elementary! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

13 thoughts on “Need More Marker Ideas? We’ve got ‘um!

  1. On You Tube, people were saying where to get the seam binding. I got mine at They sell it in scads of colors. It’s not cheap ($9.45 a roll) but it lasts forever or you can get the white and color it yourself. Their customer service is superb!


  2. Hi Lindsay!
    I love to find something from you in my inbox first thing in the morning! I grab my coffee and watch you straight away! I had to stop the video for a moment though. Did I miss the part about what you used for the background? Was is just a piece of travel themed scrapbook paper?


  3. Great video Lindsay. Love how easy it is to use markers with the blending pen, what a difference. Thanks for another wonderful tutorial.


  4. Another terrific video, tks. Giving me gumption to break out the markers and give them a try.

    Off topic, my jellie plate is starting to mold. Made one using your no-alcohol method, (turned out wonderful tks so much) used it and wrapped it in Press-n-seal to store. Went to use it again yesterday and it has mold spots all over. Any ideas? Thought the press and seal would keep it clean.


    1. how old is it? You can re melt it and skim off the mold, and maybe add a spoon ful of sugar to the melted mix as a preservative.


      1. Lindsay,
        It’s only a month old. I’m wondering if the press-n-seal is the issue? I’m gonna try re melting and adding sugar. Then keeping it in an open ziplock.


      2. Hmmm, maybe because the press and seal is kinda bumpy and has adhesive on it? Weird. Remelt, you should be fine. The sugar idea came from a reader in humid Australia who had a jelly pad (she called it) going for years un-refrigerated. so it must preserve it:)


  5. After your video I went to the web sight of about art. They have a lot of cool stamps so I bought me some stamps. But the reason I am writing is to let people know the stamp set you used is on sale now. Thanks for all you do!


  6. Thank you Lindsay….I was having trouble with smearing when stamping with VersaFine and then using my Inktense Pencils and a Dove Blender. Looks like I should use Archival ink instead….thank you so much!!!!


  7. Lindsay,
    I really appreciate the coloring videos you do for us and the tips you give. I have been wanting to ask someone in the know what I can do when I want to color something as I am left handed. I can’t be the only one and I don’t want to have to wait for everything to dry so I don’t smear it. Would appreciate any ideas from you and your fans.


    1. the markers dry so fast they will not smear. but for other stuff try coloring from right to left or use an artist’s bridge, it is a plastic bridge (think a wide ruler with feet) that goes over your work so your hand can rest on it without touching the work.


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