Ask a Crafter 31!

Phew, what a busy day! I got my oil changed, grocery shopped, taught a knitting class and in my spare time filled digital stamp orders from my fabulous blog readers! I had a chance to chat with many of you via email today, it was so nice to “meet” many of you, thank you! Yesterday Kathy and I filmed ask a crafter and it was such a nice day that we walked after taping. We had another gorgeous day today so at least we know the weather was not an April Fools Day joke LOL! Without further ado here is the latest episode.

Here are the links I mentioned in the video:

The Cotman Watercolor travel Palette, I thought it was $30 but it is only $24, oops! I’ve had mine for about 15 ears and I simply refill it with tube colors when the half-pans of color ran out, it is a great palette and it comes with a collapsible brush. I bring a container of water with me for painting on location. The Kool-Aid or Tang plastic containers of drink mix are perfect because you can fill it with water and the measuring cap is a great rinse pot, you can use both sides for dirty and clean water too! If this makes no sense I am sorry πŸ˜› Sorry and tired LOL!

Here is a link to the video demonstrating how to paint on fabric with Inktense pencils and fabric medium, it is really fun and if you make art quilts you will really like this!

Sorry to keep it so short tonight, I was reading on the couch before posting this and I dozed off! I though oh no! It is Wednesday I have to blog Ask a Crafter LOL! If you have a question for next week please leave a comment and til next time happy crafting!

19 thoughts on “Ask a Crafter 31!

  1. TFS. that sound like a great idea you have with the kool-aid containers. I do not drink much of that stuff, but I do drink country time Lemonade, so I will have to save it the next time I get some.


  2. Please make digital stamps of all your wonderful watercolor tutorials – magnolia, lady slipper, etc. It would be an easy sell for those of us who don’t always get the result we want, and really want that shape on a card, etc.


  3. I would like you to tell us more about what you were like as a child as you developed all your creative interests. In some of your videos you’ve talked about taking classes when you were 5years old. Your parents must have really encouraged your artistic abilities and love for creating. You are such a delight. I look forward to your blog and videos every day!!


  4. Love your videos and ask a crafter you make me laugh every day, keep it up. My question you have never addressed Le Plume markers. What kind of markers are they? I have had mine for years and they work great. Thanks


  5. Here is my question! Where do you get your questions? Are they randomly chosen from comments? How do you “ask a crafter”?


  6. Another great and informative video Lindsay and Cathy. Thanks for the info on Hot and Cold Press watercolor paper I finally get it, yay!


  7. Another great Ask a Crafter, thank you Lindsay and Cathy. I have another use for the printer inks, I used mine to make tie dye paper using shaving cream and the inks. I did a tutorial here on how to do it. ~Diane


  8. Hey, Lindsay. The Dallas Fiber Art Show was last weekend and I wondered if you ever combine paper and yarns in your cards? Would love to see a demo! Thanks.


    1. I do sometimes! On one of the Ask a Craft episodes with Lorraine she showed a card she made with yarn it was a cute sheep!


  9. Hi Lindsey!! I luv luv your videos. I’m a HUGE fan, I watch your videos over and over, lol. Thank you so much for sharing your crafting knowledge. I learn so much from your videos. Thanks,


  10. Dear Lindsay, your videos are great and I love watching them. I’ve recently purchased the derwent inktense blocks and I was wondering, as they are ink, is it possible to use them to create or refill an inkpad? Maybe with some glycerine? Keep going on like this, it’s really great ! (Sorry for my english, I’m French ;-))


    1. I have used them to color rubber stamps and then stamp like that but I bet you could make an inkpad with cut ‘n dry foam (or a tim holtz foam blending applicator)wet the foam sponge and rub with an inktense block and use that to ink a stamp, why not? Great idea!


  11. Hi Lindsay and Kathy. I’ve got a glue gun question. Do you have to use a ‘craft’ glue gun? I’ve seen some tutorials where they talk about a small nozzle craft gun. I’ve got a common old DIY glue gun which takes the really thick glue sticks. It doesn’t have a fancy fine nozzle though, so is it just as good as the custom made crafty type ones?


  12. Late to this (story of my life) but I have to tell you that “15 ears” sent me into gales of laughter…. I call that a bonus typo, and my posts are LITTERED with them, but they aren’t usually amusing like that was. My most common one seems to be adding an extra s onto AS or leaving off the initial S in scrapbook… Oh dear!


    Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (15)
    Don’t worry – like Arnold, I’ll be back for this week’s post….


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