Let’s Paint a Bleeding Heart Flower with Watercolor Pencils! {Beginner Tutorial)

Hello friend! I spent the day reorganizing and decluttering my studio.  About halfway into it I thought “What have I done!?!” (you can see the scary in-progress picture on my the Facebook page) but I am liking the way it is coming together now. If I feel ambitious I’ll work on it some more tonight…something tells me that the couch and TV will have a stronger pull though! 😀 I had a request to paint a bleeding heart flower and a few people wanted more watercolor pencil tutorials so here is what I came up with:

DCF 1.0

It is pretty simple to do, I daresay if you own watercolor pencils you can follow along with me with no trouble. Remember you can always pause the video if you need to.

I was caught by surprise a bit at the end of the video, to finish the painting I simply flicked some of the pink, green, blue and brown on the wet painting to add interest.This is easy, a great project to start with and we only used 5 pencils. I did use some of my watercolor paint at the end for the background but you can lift color off the pencil or not put in a background, it is totally up to you! Thanks for painting with me today and til next time happy crafting!


10 Responses

  1. I always have the same reaction about halfway through a major reorganization project. Of course, my habit of giving up after the initial “what have I done?!” reaction isn’t the smartest idea….


  2. Look forward to seeing your complete reorganization! Your Inktense Pencil tutorial is wonderful…I am really enjoying mine, but have to say I have a long way to go to use them like you do….will continue to practice. TFS Lindsay!


  3. Hi Lindsay! I have a gift card for Amazon that’s burning a hole in my pocket. I’m thinking I want to get some kind of water soluble medium, like crayons or pastels or the Inktense pencils.(I already own prismacolor watercolor pencils). So I’ve only got $25 to spend. What brand would you recommend if I went with crayons? Is there a difference between the Inktense pencils or blocks? Should I go crayons or pastels? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance for your advice!


    • Out of all my water-soluble media I use Inktense pencils the most, I think they are better than the blocks, there is more you can do with them, my second pick would be Caran D’ache watercolor crayons but I am not sure if they are available on amazon, they are better if you want a thick more opaque look. Have fun shopping!


  4. A couple videos ago you showed a repair of black glitter boots… Would you recommend that process for an entire shoe or some other medium for mixing the glitter that will last longer or stronger for the shoes. I am in the middle of creating a pair now need to know quickly


    • I would now choose mod podge, paint the shoe with mod-podge, sprinkle with glitter and let dry. Then coat with a waterproof sealer such as a water-based polyurethane.


  5. Just wondering what colors you would use if you didn’t have Inktense Watercolor? I only have Faber Castell and Derwent Watercolor Pencils. Please help! I would really love to try this. Thank you so much!! I enjoy watching your videos:)


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