Mixed Media Fun #2: Lettering!

Happy Saturday friends! I took my girls to a roller skating birthday party today and I decided to skate too! What a fun time, it makes you feel like a kid again (however after the roller-limbo game I was back to feeling like a middle-aged broad ha ha!) Creating also makes me feel like a kid again, especially in the no fear, playful arena of an art journal:

DCF 1.0

In today’s video I will offer some tips and ideas for hand lettering on you pages even if you don’t love your penmanship.

I love this quote because it reminds us that we are wrong sometimes. We might think that we can’t paint, draw, cook or garden. Maybe we can but have not taken the time to learn. We think things that are untrue all the time, but then you gain experience and learn more. That is life and life is like art. The next time you think you can’t do something try it anyway! I want to thank Oriental Trading Company for supplying the Canson XL Mixed Media Journal and Micron Pens I used in today’s tutorial. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Mixed Media Fun #2: Lettering!

  1. Love this! Could you tell us more about how to use the Martin Ink and Twinkling H2Os, what colors or kits are your favorites ?


    1. I am new to using both of these products so I only have basic colors, I like the bright twinkling H2Os, after getting the pearl set from Oriental Trading and they sold out I snagged a pack of 12 brights at HobbyLobby on clearance and I love them! The ink are the basic colors so I can mix, I like them too as they do not seem to bleed through the paper. I will experiment more with them!


  2. Glad you had a good time at the rink, tried that one time when I was a teenager ended up on my rear between the legs of the good looking guy I was skating with. That was enough for me. Haven’ t tried since and to old to now. Love your art journal, you are so good with everything you do. Have a good rest of the weekend.


  3. Thank you for using your PanPastel’s. After seeing the pastel’s in your studio tour video, I put in a request for you to use them. I hope you continue to use them in your journals. I like your idea of taking a quote and making it the focal point.


  4. Great video Lindsay. The pan pastels look like they glide on the paper and they sure looked very pretty. Love that tree stamp too.


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