Let’s draw a panda!

Today, the title says it all, we are going to draw a panda. 😀

Drawing anything is easy as long as you break down the complicated object you wish to draw into simple general shapes, for instance a panda might be hard to draw but a potato is easy to draw and a panda is kinda the shape of a potato. Look for the potatoes folks. I hope this video helped you simplify your subjects and draw them more easily. Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!


3 Responses

  1. Such a sweet panda Lindsey….you really make it look easy!


  2. Absolutely brilliant Lindsy made me smile!! My husbands fav animal shall certainly give it a go……………….PS What do Pandas eat? and What do Koala’s eat? tee hee have fun with your Guides on Thinking Day!!! Thanks for sharing your talents and DONT stop talking yours is the only voice I hear some days and its greatly appreciated x x


  3. This is brilliant – and a great reminder not to get overwhelmed by something but to tackle it in small bits. Will be tackling this for a birthday card I think 🙂 x


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