Sunflower Painting Tutorial {Pastel for Beginners!}

Hello friends! I got a request on the facebook page to paint a sunflower. I thought it would be nice in pastels since many of you have some from the pastel stamping tutorial for a few weeks ago. This is an easy pastel tutorial, I hope you give it a try. You may substitute oil pastels for soft (aka chalky) pastels if you like, heck you can even use crayons on white paper if that is what you have. Don’t let a lack of resources stifle your creative spirit! Let’s paint!

If you try this tutorial and want to share your work go post in on our facebook page, I’d love to see it! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. I love your tutorials, but not all of us are artistic. Wish you’d color a stamped image once in a while. And show how you do sunshine, and/or sunsets.l Thanks. Edna


  2. I like your hint about adding the petals opposite each other. It does make it more realistic for sure. I don’t have any pastels but I have three full sets of coloured chalk – one I bought that are round, one brand new Stampin’ Up set was in with other crafting supplies I bought at the thrift store and I won a set. I typically only use the blue (for sky) and green and brown ones for grass an dirt. Would these work the same way as the ones you use?


  3. Very nice.,thanks.


  4. I enjoyed this one. You always do such a great job. Thanks so much.


  5. I loved this tutorial . My pastels have been out ever since you brought them up in your videos. What a beautiful and inexpensive way to color. Blending them is so easy.


  6. Only because I know you like sunflowers………..


  7. Wow, I love how you want people to create! Using crayons is great product especially for practice. I know I have a shoe box full, plus they are in easier access than my pastels. No excuses!


  8. I love all of your videos, this one included. I learn so much by watching how someone accomplishes something and you are just amazing at conveying information and making learning from you a total delight in the process. I’m so grateful to have found you through your youtube channel and I appreciate all your efforts!


  9. I would love to see you do a tutorial on painting a sunflower or a field of sunflowers in watercolors. I have photos that I took with my Cannon T3I that came out fantastic. Would you be interested in this?

    Thanks and sleep well!


  10. Awesome!


  11. Loved the tutorial and learned quite a bit. The paper used is important. Thank you for your help.


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