How to Make a Center Step Card {with creepy crows!}

Happy Friday friends, boy, this week went quick, we were super busy preparing for scout events and just general day-to-day stuff. Today I had to clean my house a bit because it looked like I was in need of a visit from Hoarders or Super Nanny, I’m not sure which but that is NOT how I want to make my TV debut hahaha! The laundry is sorted and dispatched to the children and the house is out of the “in need of an intervention” stage and now I can sit back with a glass of wine and relax. Ahhhhhhh. How ’bout we make a card?

DCF 1.0

I actually made this yesterday (when I should have been cleaning) when I needed a break from my to-do list. I used the new Birds in Trees and Murder of Crows stamps from Lost Coast Designs. I really wanted to make the background stamp stand out and use all 4 crows from the stamp set so I thought a center step card would allow that and add interesting dimension…almost a shadow-box look, to this card. What’s more it’s easy and uses no more cardstock then a normal card. Want to see how it is done? Watch the video:

I hope you give this card a try and maybe branch out to fancier step designs. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

EDIT: I just did a google search to see more step card templates and it yielded a treasure trove of wonderful free templates and beautiful card examples! You can find the search results here.


15 Responses

  1. Yes, yes, that is a great technique. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you Lindsay, love the technique, I think step or easel cards are in at the moment in the UK, I saw a double easel one by Helen Allen. You make it look so easy but mine always turns out with a wonky base.
    Thanks for cheery chat, it always lifts my mood Denyse x


  3. I love that background stamp. I ordered it after I saw yours. Used it in class to demonstrate background stamping.


  4. I’d like to learn how to make a double step card as I’ve seen some cute designs on Pinterest using Penguins or owls.


  5. That stamp makes a fabulous image. Good quality.


  6. Great video Lindsay. I can say this was a difficult card for me until I purchased the step card die B348 from It makes the base outside and inside panels all the pieces to complete the card you just add your embellishments, love it. I always seem to cut these
    kind of cards crooked even with the exacto knife and ruler. I know the people in the UK loved this die and had a hard time getting it.


  7. Thanks for that url. I just did one by hand and I’m ruler challenged!LOL A die would be great.


    • Emillie your welcome. The die is wonderful as you will see by the reviews. I could never do this and have it come out any other way.


  8. Great card–love that it looks extra special but is not a lot of extra work–mostly stamping, cutting, coloring–in other words ‘having fun!”


  9. I always love your videos!
    Great technique-is there a picture somewhere with the measurements for the score lines? That obviously is the key here-but I can’t seem to get them right by just the video.


  10. I am going to make one of these-thanks for your joyful ways


  11. I’ve made other step cards in the past but not this one. I will be trying it for sure. I love those stamps and I keep talking myself out of buying them but I do believe they are starting to call my name too loudly to ignore!


  12. Beautiful card and you broke the card down into such simple and easy steps! ~Diane


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