Weekend jewelry making…

Brrrr…friends, another cold night, it is supposed to be 10 below! Yikes, the chickens will have their heat lamp on all night and I will hunker down by the wood stove. 10 below in March just seems unnecessary. I got to thinking about my crafting habits and I noticed that I rarely make jewelry in the deep winter. I thought it was because I tend to make jewelry for craft fairs or gifts (that’s all done prior to Christmas) but now I think it is because it’s too dang cold in my studio to bead (it’s 52 down there now) and it does not bother me when I am painting, probably because it is a right brain activity so the logical left who says “Dang woman, it’s cold, go upstairs” has no input. Before I ramble any further let me tell you what got me making jewelry this weekend, a very patient viewer wanted to learn how to use acrylic and glass beads together in a design and I thought it was high time I did it!

DCF 1.0

I used Urban Ice beads by Jesse James ($5 a bag at Joanns in store) and a selection of glass beads from Fire Mountain Gems and some cheap “E” beads to make this super sparkly, fairly light weight necklace and while I was making it I filmed a tutorial. This is geared to the beginner so I probably over explain some techniques šŸ™‚

I wish my camera would record for more than 20 minutes…I also wish I was a little smoother when attaching a crimp beads but you know what they say “if wishes were biscuits…” Well, that’s it for me tonight. I actually did another jewelry project this weekend but I’ll save that for another day. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. I have NEVER beaded anything in my life, so the over explaining is a good thing. I love your videos!


  2. I like very much your humour, you are a lovely lady, with a great antousiasme, your necklace is beautiful and I learn how to make two row of beads. Thanks a lot for your tutorial….Carmen


  3. I know the saying, if wishes were horses beggars would ride but am not familiar with the one you started about biscuits. Would you share the rest of it?


    • oh Debby, I messed up the line, it is the second part of the one you mentioned, it is supposed to be ” if horses were biscuits they’d eat til they died” My mother would always say that when I said “I wish…” LOL!


  4. Nice necklace. I struggle doing the crimp beads. I shatter the first few – I think I must squeeze too tightly doing the second squeeze.

    I finished the Don’t Bug Me quilt and it’s over on my blog if you want to see it. http://www.craftyviolet.blogspot.com


  5. Beautiful work Lindsay!!!


  6. That green is drop dead gorgeous and takes my breath away.

    And ‘no’ you did not over explain – it was a refresher course and you did it very nicely.


  7. Beautiful necklace


  8. Thank you for the information, I have some of the supply’s and do not know how to use them correctly. Love your tutorials!


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