Parchment craft…well, sort of…

Hello friends. I often admire fussy, tedious, time consuming crafts but I know that I would not enjoy them. I really wanted to get the look of parchment craft (an elaborate embossing and paper piercing technique on vellum also known as pergamano) so I improvised a quick fix:

I later learned that if you emboss 2 sheets of cheap vellum at once it won’t crack.  Also if you have the same Spectrum Noir markers that I do and find that some have dried out (before you even used them) you can make them juicy again with this quick tip:

That trick will work with any alcohol based marker. Many people asked if it will work with rubbing alcohol and the answer is maybe, I have not tried it so if you do leave a comment and let me know! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “Parchment craft…well, sort of…

  1. Lindsay hope you are doing good today. We have ice falling in Tennessee tonight. Been a yucky day today. I don’ t know why but my bows turn out better upside down to. Have a good week. And yes I watched the whole tutorial.


  2. hi, i watched your tutorial all the way through also! i like the fact that watching you is like being in my craft room with someone i know. fun. we are having crappy weather here in wisconsin also. it’s going to take spring a long time to get here. have a great day and by the way…i loved your sea horse!


  3. Thanks for this . I don’t have time for the fussy stuff either. You give such wonderful tips and lessons.


  4. Mornin’ Lindsay,

    Thanks sooooo much for the tip on dry markers. I too, have purchased some SN markers that were dry out of the box. Again, you’ve saved me some cash. Thanks also for the vellum tips – I love that stuff and am always looking for new ideas to try.



  5. FYI Special tape for vellum is available……..I bought mine several years ago. Love the look of embossed vellum. Might use it for my Easter cards. Thanks for the reminder.


  6. Love love love both your videos today. The vellum idea is beautiful and I like you dont want to take up peragamo but do like the soft look of the vellum, will definately use this one.

    Your video on reviving the Spectrum Noir is a life safer. I purchased the 72 pens when they had a terrific sale on them and when I went to
    use them I had so many that were completely dry brand new I wanted to scream. Thank goodness I didnt toss them, your a life saver Lindsay, thank you.

    Gathering supplies when your new doesnt allow you to use everything all at once so it was great to know I can salvage these. Now I have some dry NEW also distress markers, any tips for those?


  7. Thanks for the video. I like this idea also. I don’t think I will ever get into this type of paper crafting but I will definitely try it your way. I don’t use my Spectrum Noir markers a lot. I keep them stored in an airtight container to be on the safe side.


    1. Joyce, just as a headsup. I stored my new markers in the zip bag made for them (it holds 36 pens) laid on its side so both tips would get ink and put them inside a air tight plastic lided container and they were still dry. I was told by Crafters Companion that they have to be used all the time or they will dry out. I dont color a lot let alone daily so this will be
      a problem for me. Glad I didnt buy the other three 24 marker sets besides the 72. Thats a lot of bottles of re-inkers for these and very costly.


  8. Love IT!!!! Yes, still watching and the video shows what you need to know to get the faux pergamano look! Thank you !


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