YUPO, Sea Horses & Monkeys {oh my!}

Happy Saturday friends! I had some fun this week playing with Yupo paper. Yupo is made of plastic and it is smooth and yet, by some force of magic watercolor sticks to it. You can use it with other mediums too such as markers, inks, watercolor crayons and even oil pastels. It is fun stuff. At the beginning of this video I will show you a piece of yupo that was stored in a folder touching the manila paper for years, the ink repelled, well I rinsed off the paper, wiped it down and was able to paint on it, I used that experiment for the background on yesterday’s card. You really do not need to be afraid of wasting this paper because you can just rinse it off if you like!

So you have probably thought “hey, Lindsay, won’t my painting get ruined if it gets wet?” and yes, a damp finger print will lift the paint off but you can spray it with a sealer or better yet, mat and frame it under glass. If you are like me and mat your watercolors and the put them in a clear art bag you should probably seal it before matting because if the bag presses up against the surface of the painting it might stick, especially if it is humid…then again, you could market it as “ever-changing art” LOL!

And now for something completely different…, in the comments of the above video on YouTube a few of you asked to see my Sea Monkeys, and I could not disappoint so here you go…

And a cameo by my dog Hazel who is about 3 feet from me during every video I shoot:) I hope you enjoyed this bit of whimsy. You can find YUPO paper at most art suppliers online. I have Yupo lightweight 26″x40 sheets I cut down but you might prefer to buy smaller sheets or pads for convenience of storage. Actually it is cheaper per square foot to buy the smaller sheets at Blick when I just checked so there you go! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


13 thoughts on “YUPO, Sea Horses & Monkeys {oh my!}

  1. how cool Lindsay! never heard of this product but will look for it in the future! thanks as always for sharing 🙂


  2. Thanks to you, I now know what sea monkeys are. Talk about low maintenance……….Thank you for taking the time to do the video.


  3. I have never heard of that paper before. Fun seahorse you painted. My daughter tried to grow sea monkeys one time with limited success….and then complete failure when her best friend who talked with her hands, knocked the entire thing off her dresser. We didn’t bother replacing them.


  4. Hi Lindsay,
    Ok, so is there anything that you are NOT good at? I mean really…Sea Monkeys? You crack me up! Anyway, I have been researching yupo paper and how to watercolor on it and use inks and just as I was about to try it out…Poof! you just posted a video! Amazing!


  5. Thanks sooo very much for both videos here. I´ve never ever heard of any of these things before, so today was definitely a learners day for me, which is awesome. These little seamonkeys are really fun, but has never heard or seen anything about these here anytime before. When y kids were young, they got walking sticks in an aquarium, but what a hell, when they forgot to close for them at nights. Remember once, my son had got really many, and they had all got out, and we kept finding those bugs everywhere in the house for months after and in all sizes, and at least this would never happen with these ha ha ha


  6. Love your painting! I use Yupo with Alcohol inks….love that I can do one more thing with it! Thanks for sharing your wealth of crafting knowledge!


  7. What is the difference between the Inktense and water color crayons? Can the water color crayons be used like the pastels you used to stamp with in a previous video? I really have enjoyed your videos!


    1. inktense are harder and more vivid, the crayons are a bit waxier and more opaque. You can use the crayons to stamp like I did with pastels, it is one of my favorite techniques!


  8. Hi Lindsay,
    Please post the link to the pastel stamping you mentioned in your recent reply to Carolyn Reed above. Thanks!


  9. Hi Lindsay!
    I keep going back to re-watch your videos and stumbled across this one just now. I am working with yupo and I always clean mine with a few swipes of alcohol and that takes off any unseen fingerprints and stray makes/oils that have touched the paper. It works great. I don’t how or if you get these comments on older posts but I thought I’d try anyway.


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