And the Stamp Winner is…..

…Jennie! Congrats, you have won some stamps from About Art Accents! Check your email for instructions on how to get them:) Don’t worry if you didn’t win, you can use my coupon code Lindsay10% to save 10% on your non-sale rubber. Here is another card I made using some fishy stamps from About Art Accents:

DCF 1.0

I think this is my new favorite set of stamps! The background of the card was made by pressing plastic wrap onto a scrap of Yupo paper that was painted and flicked with watercolor. I let the paper dry with the plastic wrap on it and got a cool texture. You can do this technique with cardstock, glossy cardstock and photo paper as well, it is a neat look! At first I was going to stamp the octopus on the background paper but the inked stamp removed the watercolor from the Yupo and not in a good way, so I stamped it on a scrap of cardstock and colored him with metallic colored pencils. I was not happy with the white background so I inked up the jellyfish with clear embossing ink and stamped the swirly bits all over the image then dabbed chalk over it, I repeated that with a couple other stamps from the set to add subtle texture. I still wanted more texture so I ran the panel through an embossing folder. The best part of stamping with clear ink then chalking it is that you don’t have to wash your stamps after! The glycerin I use to re ink my stamp pad conditions the rubber! To embellish I added strips of painted drywall mesh and some clay sand dollars I made ages ago. Here is a look at the gorgeous stamps in the Marine 1 stamp set:

Jellyfish, octopus, sea-shells and asian-script on a sheet of unmounted rubber stamps.

I hope you have some creative time planned this weekend, if so, tell me, what are you going to make? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

19 thoughts on “And the Stamp Winner is…..

    1. I had a different email than this on the winning comment, if you are the winner check the email account you left the first comment from:) Have a great weekend!


  1. Than you so much!!!! OMG I have never won anything.  I am so excited. What do I need to do?  Jennie

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  2. I made my first two Steampunk cards this afternoon and they were so fun to make I think I’ll head down to the lower studio again tomorrow and make a few more. I also want to start a new quilt. Have a crafty weekend!


  3. Very nice, Lindsay. The colours are really appealing and the textures are great. That is a nice stamp set for sure.


  4. So beautiful card here Lindsey, you really have done an awesome job on ths one. And a big CONGRATS to Jennie for being the lucky winner here today. Have a wonderful week-end ahead now everyone.


  5. Incredible job. I’ll have to try it. Love the stamps. Will be my next set as I am doing a mixed media mermaid sand castle book. Lots of fun.


  6. I would like to have that horse stamp you presented recently but don’t know where to buy it. Jan Caldwell


  7. Hi Lindsay! I know this is last year’s post, but I was going through your blog hoping to find a geranium tutorial. Somehow, I came across your awesome mermaid journal page. Well, then I forgot about geraniums and went looking for that tutorial. I couldn’t find it, but I did find this great octopus. I love the background.

    What kind of WC did you use for the clingwrap/Yupo? Or what technique? I mean the colors are so vibrant. Did you use your usual pallet?? Or WC markers, pencils, or uhm …??

    Dang!! Was not intending this to be soooo long, so I apologize 🙂

    As ALWAYS thanks so much for your help!!! Happy 4th to you and your family!! Hope y’all are safe and have a blast!! Adiós!


    1. Any watercolor, poster, gaouche, or watercolor paint will work, you can use Yupo for a more strinking effect or even smooth cardstock. Try with what you have first. Be warned it takes a while to dry:)


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