Ask a Crafter 26: Stamping, Mixed-Media and More!

Happy Wednesday folks! We are now up to 26 episodes of Ask a Crafter, can you believe it? and I am still getting new question every week, you guys think up some good ones too! So, without further ado let’s see what was on viewers minds this week:

Ha! And I got my pumpkin scones! And they were delish, thank you Kathy! If you have a question for us just leave a comment and we will either type an answer or read it on the next show! If you haven’t checked out the Frugal Crafter Community on Facebook yet please do and share what you have been working on, we have some wonderful friends over there, it has been 2 days since I opened it and we already have over 700 members (it makes me feel kinda famous LOL!) Before I forget I mentioned a couple links in the video:

Clear bags for cards at Papermart

The DIY marker spritzer instructions submitted by Lindz Brewer is in the comments section of last weeks AAC post.

Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

13 thoughts on “Ask a Crafter 26: Stamping, Mixed-Media and More!

  1. I don’t want to do facebook, but have a question. I want to make envelopes for my cards but the card stock is too thick and the regular paper rips when I make the scores. What kind of paper can I get please? And…I need it more than 8 1/2 by 11 because sometimes my cards are bigger. Love your spirit!


    1. Hi Sue, what size cards do you make? I use the (kinda ugly LOL) leftover papers from the 180 sheet DCWV pads of 12″x12″ paper. Joann often has them on sale for $10 and most of the patterns are beautiful. I’ve used them with my scor pal, envelobox creator and with my favorite, Kreate-a-lope rip and flip templates: you can see the sizes of envelopes you can make and they all fit on a 12″x12″ sheet. If you still need bigger let me know and I’ll put my thinking cap on!


  2. You use hot glue on your cards, etc. Won’t that crack going through the mail? Have you ever painted with Pearl Ex and Future Floor Wax? I love that you can blend the colors (and I have all the colors of Pearl Ex) and create new colors, plus you don’t have to use a fixative. You at one time said that Staz-on ink wasn’t good for sponging. I love Staz-on and sponge it on for a beautiful soft effect. Also, when you dyed your yarn with Acrylic paint, it made me wonder, how colorfast will that be??? Will you be able to use the yarn to create a washable item? Thanks for your videos. I’ve been paper crafting for years and love learning new things. God Bless you.


    1. the glue is fine going through the mail, it is flexible:) The yarn is colorfast, it will not fade nor will the paint come out. I have not tried pearlex with floor wax, great idea tho! I use Gum Arabic instead! Glad to hear you had good luck with stazon!


  3. Hey Lindsay! Would you consider doing a tutorial on soap making? I know you have a podcast but I need visuals! You’re doing a great job with AAC. I look forward to it every Wednesday. Woo hoo!


  4. Another great video girls, I love watching and learning. Sorry I don’t do facebook so I hope we don’t lose you here! ~Diane


  5. Regarding the Silhouette… I use it weekly and my blade lasts about a year, and they are usually only $8 on Amazon an available for free Prime shipping. Mats are usually $10 Prime and they last so much longer than Cricut’s did. And if you already have a Cricut, their mats feed into the Silhouette, so you can use them too.

    Also, the Silhouette has always been capable of “scan and cut”, they just never called it that. I have made templates for my husband’s woodshop by scanning items for needs to make a jig for, importing them into Silhouette’s software, tracing and cutting. I have also created but files for my son’s drawings. Silhouette could always import SVG cut files, image files like JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, PNG’s, and both TTF and OTF fonts. But can now import your creations from CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator direct from those programs without the silhouette software with the new Silhouette Connect plugin.

    I have cut fabric, thin cardboard (cereal boxes), metal foil sheets, vinyl (up to lengths of 10 feet since you cut it without a mat, vellum, acetate, stencil material, regular and highly textured cardstock (like corrugated), glitter and suede paper, freezer paper for t-shirts, and double sided adhesive sheets. It also cuts stamp material, but I haven’t done that. It don’t think it cuts regular chipboard or fondant, but I haven’t had reason to try. Have had mine for 2 years; it gets a workout!!! Hope that helps anyone considering the Silhouette Cameo. Keep up the great work ladies 🙂


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