Thefrugalcrafter on Facebook and a Fun Technique!

Well, there I took the plunge and make a facebook page for frugalcrafter fans…you can check out The Frugalcrafter Community here. I have been getting a lot of comments lately by readers who want to share their paintings, cards and crafts that were inspired by my tutorials and i love seeing them, problem is not everyone has (or wants) a blog but a great majority are on Facebook so I hope it is a place you can all enjoy. Feel free to share crafty tips, photos of crafty projects, ask craft questions and socialize with other frugalistas (that’s what Kathy thinks we should call ourselves) 😉 Many YouTube viewers have told me how isolating it can be when you don’t know anyone who crafts, well, let this be a cozy place to craft and chat no matter what side of the globe you are on! So feel free to go “like” the page and introduce yourself, don’t be shy, we a re small in number now but who knows, we could be dozens by tomorrow:)


I also wanted to share a bit of messy crafty sciency fun with you. All you need is cornstarch, white glue and food coloring, rubbing alcohol (or liquid watercolors) and some cardboard (open up boxes from your recycle bin, lots of the prepackaged food boxes have nice white chipboard on the inside!) The kids will get a kick out of the way the ink flows and if you make this on some nice paper, matboard or canvas you might have the perfect background for your next piece of art!

I let one of my girls run wild with supplies and she created piles of art and even more impressive she cleaned up afterwards! Well, that’s it for me tonight, one side of my neck is still sore, thank you for the notes of concern but I’m sure I’ll be fine in a couple of days and thank you Sue Cole for the tip on making the alcohol/water ice pack, I am doing that tonight!) Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. I love the final picture in this video it would be so cool to use this on a card as a background picture (and no two would be the same) or to use it with the kaleidoscope program. Headed over to Facebook to start following you. Thanks for all of the wonderful videos and tip that you give us.


  2. I can’t decide which would be more fun….making it happen or watching it happen. Either way, it’s a great technique to have up your sleeve. Thank you.


  3. Sweet Lindsay, take good care of your neck and if it continues to give you trouble, make sure to see a doctor! I joined the FB group and you are already over 150 likes! Way to go!


  4. I am on Facebook and don’t use it much but for you I will check in. Hope you are feeling better today


  5. Hi Lindsay!
    I wonder if the surface was coated with gesso fist if the board would still bow/warp. I am going to try this in my art journal for a background!
    What do you know about oil pastels? I am looking for a good brand that is NOT so crazy expensive as the Sennlier sets online.


  6. Lindsey hope your neck feels better. Love the idea of the face book page. i will check it out for sure! I would love to share some of what I have made with like minded people 🙂


  7. How fun was that, way cool Lindsay. Well, guess Ill miss out on the facebook fun. At my age cant handle all the attacks Ive heard about with facebook that you have to worry about and deal with so have not
    jumped on the band wagon. Sadly, Ive gotten a virus just by going to get a recipe and clicking on a photo on a cardmaking site, just too much. Ill enjoy you here and on YouTube, hope I wont miss much.


  8. Watching the movement of the paint once alcohol was dripped onto it was cool. Neat technique.


  9. AWESOME!!! (said in my best high pitched voice) so happy about the FB…whoopwhoop!!!!


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