Tutorial: How to Blend Colored Pencils with Baby Oil

Hello friends! Check out this fun card and bookmark set. The neat thing how I blended the colored pencils on the bookmarks, not with stinky solvents but with baby oil!

DCF 1.0

Not only does it work but it is quicker and uses less pigment than blending with dry pencils. See how in today’s video tutorial:

I hope you give this a try, it will work with any regular wax or oil based pencils, even the inexpensive children’s brands. Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!

30 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Blend Colored Pencils with Baby Oil

    1. quite a few since I have been using this brand since I was 5 and have doubles of my fave colors (I taught classes in colored pencil) I’d say about 175


  1. Another super demo. Thanks so much for all the time you take to teach us what you know. My art, and crafting has improved so much by watching and putting into use what I have learned from you. ♥


  2. Awesome technique Lindsay!! Loved the cards, book marks, and really found your brick-like envelope eye catching; did you do that free hand or did you have a stamp? Can’t wait to try the blending technique…imagine doing a baby card that had the faint scent of baby oil…awesome!!!


  3. Oh this was great Lindsey. Was not happy with my coloring with my regular colored pencils, looked kind of scribbly like a childs coloring job and streaky wax lines all over, Im hoping the baby oil will smooth all those lines out and it will actually look nice and be able to be used on my cards. Thanks for showing this technique!


  4. I’ve tried the baby oil bit and didn’t care for it. The gamsol I use doesn’t seem to have much of an odour at all so I think I’ll stick with it. I love your cards and tags though. Beautiful.


  5. Wow, You are the BEST! Love the whole design… and love the choice of die cut and background you created to mount the colored stamp. And the way you used that ribbon and buttons! Perfect! Just perfect! 🙂 You never cease to amaze me, Lindsay.


  6. Really liked your demo. I am starting to use watercolor pencils and will grab some baby oil next time I am shopping and give this technique a try. I love your videos. Don’t stop making them, you are my favorite teacher!!!


  7. That’s what I use to color Lindsey!!! I tend to start with dark to go to light too. I never use the white too often though which I would now 🙂 Awesome video and keep them coming!!! I love my prismacolored pencils with baby oil. Way more economical! Where did you get your blending stumps again? By the way, do you have a tip on sharpening the pencils? Mine tend to break a lot. Thanks.


    1. I recommend sharpening them with a handheld sharpener and not dropping them which breaks the lead. The blending stumps are from a local art store, any art/craft store should have the in the drawing aisle.


  8. I wouldn’t have considered using baby oil and fortunately I do have some as I haven’t seen it for sale here in France. I will give this technique a try! I am curious to see how it works with cheap pencils. I was given a few Prismacolours and they are wonderful but other brands do not blend half as well using Gamisol. BTW if you make a mistake when colouring, just use a rubber/eraser to remove the colour before blending.


  9. Love this! Want to try since I’ve been as of late obsessed with pencil at. Can you tell me how is it as far as smearing of color….does it dry or stay wet? Also does anything done with this technique need to be sealed so the color doesn’t rub off? Thanks!


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