Ask a Crafter #25 {lots of crafty goodness!}

Howdy friends! It is so funny how the questions for Ask a  Crafter come in waves, one week we had a ton of mixed media questions ad this week we had lots of stamping questions. We also had a lot of great tips submitted from viewers which was really nice to see. We usually tape the Ask a Crafter segment on Tuesday but this week with school vacations we were a day late (hopefully not a dollar short though 🙂 and during that extra day more questions rolled in so I decided to add an extra video in. In the first video I will answer questions on scrapbooking, stamping and mixed media, I hope you enjoy…and don’t mind my hair (really what was I thinking, I can’t believe Kathy didn’t tell me how deranged I looked…hahaha!)

I had a couple questions that I could not fit in the first video but I felt they needed a longer answer than a typed response so this video is about the rule of thirds, how to make custom button/badges to wear and tips for shooting video tutorials. I hope you find it useful.

Here are the links I mentioned in the above videos, remember to check out Ask a Crafter 24 if you want to read the tips and comments submitted by other viewers.

Golden Paints (makers of absorbent ground, acrylic paints and mediums)

My ink Pad 101 video

Food Wishes You Tube Channel (A great example of cooking tutorials)

If you have a question for next weeks show leave it in the comments and we will either answer it on air or with a typed response. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


36 Responses

  1. I am trying to find out how to make a pendant that has been made with plastic or glass pieces using stamps and embossing powder and foil meted over the piece in a melting pot.I saw it at a Stamp show in LV a few years back but did not get a chance to make one. Have you heard of this? Sharon H


  2. You ask about printer. I print reports as part of my work, so my printers get used. HP stands up to the work that I do. Two monochrome HP’s
    4000 and 4015 great black and white work, old workhorse machines.
    All in One 6450 print, copy, scan, and fax, used to print scan and copy in color and black/white. Stands up to use, pricey ink. Purchase ink from Sam’s club, return cart to Office Depot, use name brand ink, not refills or no names.


  3. Kathy I have the Epson WorkForce WF-3540 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, 2-Sided Duplex, ADF, Fax. Prints from Tablet/Smartphone. AirPrint C, that I use at our water well business and it works great. I haven’t printed pictures on photo paper but it copies them great on regular paper. you might check into it. My daughter in law got one and she does print a lot of pictures but I haven’t ask her how it does. Good videos and Lindsay your hair looks fine. Have a good rest of the week.


  4. Nicely done Lindsay…always learn something!!! TFS


  5. Like the new format for answering questions on the video!


  6. I had in my notes to buy a bottle of Gum Arabic. It was kind of expensive even with a coupon. Now what are all the things I can do with it. Love watching your videos, I have learned so much. Thank you, Elaine


  7. Can’t wait to watch the new “Ask a Crafter” videos!


  8. This is in response to the printer. I have 2. An HP all in one which is good, model 5510. I also have a Cannon IP 4000. This is my go to for photos and crafty stuff. Also works for everything else. I would suggest the Cannon that way you could do it all. I prefer top load as opposed to bottom load for the paper.


  9. Mornin’ ladies! As always, informative and fun. My question: Will Kathy share her vegan pumpkin scone recipe? Sounds yummy!

    Thanks as always for sharing your expertise.
    Love & Blessings,


  10. Great videos ladies. Kathy you have a beautiful smile and its great to see you are looking more at ease in front of the camera. Love your input along with Lindseys.


  11. Thanks for more great and entertaining tips! ~Diane


  12. Another great AAC. I think your hair is cute with the head band–not deranged at all. And I love Kathy’s green ruffled blouse. So pretty. I need to wear prettier clothes with brighter colors. Especially this time of year. You both were very cheering and gave some great tips.

    Kathy–I have an HP Three in One , paid $99 for it and have had it for 9 years and it still works great. I love it because the ink is very reasonable. It doesn’t get heavy use like yours would, so can’t address that. But I’m so happy with it I will buy another.

    My first printer was an Epsom–ink cost a fortune and it crapped out in two years and it was not cheap up front–quite expensive. My daugher and sil had a Lexmark and it quit within a couple of months…they declared it a piece of junk.

    One thing I liked about my Epsom was that it fed straight through. My HP goes in, and curls around. But that hasn’t been a problem when I print on cardstock.

    I’m in the market to buy a tablet–my first. Not sure whether to go low end–like the Nexxus 7 or higher end like the Apple Ipad. The Nexxus is $200ish, the Ipad $400ish. I’m tempted to go with the Ipad because my sil has one, it’s 10 years old and the battery is the original, still lasts 10 hours. Batteries are not cheap so if it lasts that long might be worth the extra expense up front. Any input?? I want to use it to watch youtube videos and read the internet.


    • I did n’t have time to get to the tablet question on the video but I have a Kindle Fire and I use it to check email, watch videos, read blogs, check facebook, surf the web, watch netflix and hulu and read books:) mine cost $159 2 years ago and now you can get the kindle fire HD for $139, I liked mine so much that we bout out kids each one for Christmas and they LOVE them, they can check out books from out local library with the overdrive app for free plays play games as all of the android apps work with it. It is a bit smaller than the ipad, I think it is a 7″ screen we have. The only thing I do not like is typing on it, the touch screen, I am so slow at it but I don’t like to text either so that’s just me. Kath has a nook and it is bigger and I asked her opinion ans she said that she cannot get as many apps as I can with my kindle, also I think the nook is more expensive. My kindle does not have a camera on it but some do I think. And battery life, Mine will run 8 hours on a charge and that is with games and videos running, I have seen no love in battery life. And it is under $150 now:) I have never used an ipad or other tablet but I am happy with my kindle fire:)


      • I love my kindle best investment. Great when working on a project when I am sitting outside and painting I can watch Lindsay and try to learn how to paint…..


  13. Re: stamps that have lost their cling — if your clear or cling stamps have lost their clinginess, you can wash them with soap and water and let them air-dry, and this restores the cling. It sounds silly but it actually works.


  14. Lindsay—SOS Snowdrops I am stuck on the flowers since they are white……


  15. Idea suggestion – I see lots of people using masking tape in the center of their art journals but have heard other people wince at the thought. The wincers say masking tape deteriorates badly and is hard to remove once it breaks down. Can you help determine truth? Also, the same question for washi tape – seems it will loose its stick and we will be left with loose pages or peeling paint over loose tape. Thanks


  16. Hi Ladies, I finally remembered what I wanted to ask…There is a “tool” you use to hold up your cards in photos. It looks like a circle with nails coming out of it and the card stands up in it. What is it called and where can you get them? I’ve seen it often and it looks like a great way to keep cards propped up for photo shoots.

    Thanks as always for all you share!


    • I think I may be able to answer that one for you Marie. It is possible a flower holder – called, I think, a frog. You can get them large and small from Walmart or Micheals or such in the florist dept. They are used in flower arrangements to hold the flowers in place
      Hope this helps – Julie


  17. I have gunked up my versamark pad with a bunch of different colors of embossing powder (at least I hope that is what it is). I already ordered a re-inker for it, but I am not exactly sure how to clean it off before re-inking. Any ideas?


  18. Just a tip… frugal pen spritzer

    Ive put this on you tube as well under comments for aac pt2

    For your frugal pen sppritzer (the air pump to blow air through your pen, such as being sold by tim holtz) you will need

    1. Coloured pens
    2. A plastic straight barreled pen, like a bic biro

    Firstly, remove the pen and the top cap from your pen, so you are left with a long plastic tube which tapers at one end
    Secondly over paper, place the non tapered end of the pen tube between your lips, then place the writing end next to the desired coloured pen nib, positioning yourself over the paper you want splattered (the nearer you get the more intense your spray)
    Thirdly …. hard bit…. BLOW

    You can alter the effect by adjusting your blow strength
    I found it gives a little more control than the squeezy tool gives as its easier to adjust how much your blowing than squeeze pressure

    This was demonstrated by Mark Alexander (one half of the husband and wife team who run a small rubber stamp company called “Visable Image”, whilst on create and craft. Im not too sure though that thevpresenter was as happy to see this demonstrated as they sell spritzers for £15, and using this method if your really going to push the boat out a new pen costs 25p, and lets face it most of us have old dried up pens in the bottom of a draw so its free!!

    I hope you give it a go, I did and im converted

    Go go frugal crafting x


  19. Hi Lindsay,

    Love you, your blog and all the wonderful ideas you share on here. I am really interested in watercolor painting, and I have watched all your painting tutorials, and actually completed many of them too. I was wondering if you do painting workshops like beginner to intermediate, out of your shop. I am about 1 1/2 hours east of Bangor in southern New Brunswick, and would love it if you ever were to have a day or weekend watercolor workshop.


  20. Hi Lindsay yes its me again-could you please refer me to which AAC episode you talked about the different types of watercolor paper. I appreciate all you do.


    • I’m not sure what AAC that was on but there is a recap:
      Hot Press (HP)= smooth
      Cold Press (CP), also called NOT has a texture to it
      Rough (R)= very rough and textured.

      Arches is my favorite brand but Nujabi makes a beautiful rough paper and Canson Monville is great too, it has a lot of sizing so lifting and blending is easy, it is also I lot cheaper than the others because it is only 25% cotton, it also seems a bit smoother, I think you could even stamp on the cold press surface:)


  21. Hi Lindsay!

    I am new to card making and have gotten most of my supplies at Michaels. However, their brand card stock seems flimsy to me especially the kraft paper card stock. Today it buckled when I spritzed it for your fabulous embossing tip with the rolling pin. Even without water it just does not have a quality feel to it. What card stock would you suggest and where can I buy it. I am more into neutral colors going for a simple elegance look rich with texture and design.

    Many thanks!

    Mary ann


    • Stampin Up had really sturdy cardstock in the most beautiful colors. You can even get assortment packs by color family if you don’t want to but a 40 sheet pack of a color. Staples cardstock is also quite sturdy I have found:)


  22. Hi Lindsay!

    Another question from this newbie. I want to have quotes on the inside of my cards and do not know calligraphy and my handwriting leaves much to be desired plus I don’t write straight on unlined paper.

    I had thought of doing the quotes on the computer in a lovely script and then cutting and pasting onto the card which worked for a small quote put not so great for a long one.

    Would you please give me some options other than stencils?

    Continued thanks!

    Mary Ann


    • Hi Mary Anne, How about printing the long sentiment on vellum and attaching to the inside of the card with brads? It is a very elegant look! Or print the sentiment on your computer using a full sheet of paper and adhere it to the entire inside of your card, this had 3 benefits:
      1. it will hide and stitching or backs of brads.
      2. It will make your flimsy cardstock you complained of more sturdy
      3. you will have whatever you like printed on the inside.

      There is a company called Crafter’s Companion with CD roms that have this option to design and print. They demo them on the craft shopping channel, you can watch it online and get an idea.


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