Ask a Crafter 24!

Howdy friends! I hope everyone who is getting crazy weather is hunkering down and staying safe, what a weird winter, we are supposed to be hit by snow to the tune of 8″-14″ starting tomorrow. I’m chilly just thinking about it. At lease I can stay in and craft, speaking of crafting it is time for the latest episode of Ask a Crafter and I am joined again this week by my friend Kathy:

I am loving all of the outside of the box mixed media questions that are coming in lately, I like all of the questions really but isn’t it fun to play with paint? If you have a question please leave it in the comments and I might read it in next weeks episode! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. Personally, I am way over the snow!!! We have had so much it’s been crazy!!


  2. Lindsay just wanted to say Kathy sounds like a pro. Glad she is out of her shyness. Keep up the good work. You brighten my day.


  3. Good ideas. Thanks.


  4. I was wondering how you store your distress markers and any double sided markers. Do you store them on there side or upright?


  5. Just catching up on the last few Ask a Crafter and load of great info, as usual. I perhaps should have mentioned this in the Mixed Media video but I’m here so… πŸ™‚

    I’ve had great success using my Gelli plate and Acrylic medium (instead of paint) as a way to seal things like Pan Pastels so they don’t smear (instead of a spray fixative – so stinky!) or even ink jet printouts so the ink doesn’t bleed when doing mixed media. But knowing your frugal nature, I will also say I’ve brayered the medium onto a sheet of cheap craft foam and used THAT like a Gelli plate and sealed things that way.

    Loved the stamp cleaner idea btw. I used to have tons of those folders for wipes but no more. Need to see if I can get them over here…
    Romantic day with DH kept me from WOYWW so here I am today!

    Mary Anne (27)


  6. Oh my gosh Lindsay I am so excited I think it was AAC 23 someone asked you about selling their cards etc. and you mentioned taking your cards and such to local shops. I did and they are going to let me bring in the gift card holders and blank cards…..woot so excited


  7. Hi Lindsay and Kathy! I could hear Kathy much better in this AAC episode…thanks πŸ™‚ A couple weeks ago, you did a tutorial on embossing and stencils. I wrote a comment about how I heard that it was possible to make embossing paste by mixing gesso with corn starch (but had not tried it myself yet). Well, I finally tried it, and it works! I mixed a ratio of 1:1 of gesso to corn starch. When I want color added, I think I will try mixing in some of my gelatos.


  8. Hi Ladies, love your videos! While at the stamp convention a few years ago, I was really impressed by the coloring and blending that was done on the stamped samples at one of the stamp booths. I asked if they used anything special. They were just using Marvy markers but she said that the key is the paper. I think that she said that it was coated with a sizing. Are you familiar with such paper? Do you have any ideas for a home made treatment for regular paper? Thanks in advance.


  9. I have another question for you. I just watched your video on using chalk pastel on stamps. I thought that was a great idea, I’m going to have to try that. Ok my question is what is the difference from chalk pastels and oil pastels.

    Thank you I have learned a lot from all you video. I am a beginner, and you make everything look so easy that I’m pretty sure I can do it.


    • Hi Samantha, oil pastels have wax or linseed oil as a binder and soft pastels (AKA chalk) have chalk as a filler and a wee bit of binder like gum arabic to hold them together.


  10. Lindsay, could you talk about composition and the rule of thirds? I am lost about this and you explain things so simply that I am sure it will be clear then. Thanks


    • Hi Carmen, the rule of thirds basically means that you divide your canvas into 3 equal sections, if you can imaging a rectangle (your painting, card, layout etc) with w horizontal lines across it. If you are painting you would want to place your horizon line on one of those lines for a more interesting picture, rather than in the center. You can also divide the canvas in 3rds vertically, for instance you would want your focal point on one of the bisecting lines, not smack ad in the middle. The same applies to photography, painting, scrapbooking and cardmking:) I think this should be a video all on it’s own:) That said, rules are meant to be broken, often I will have my horizon line in the middle but if a composition is boring you may want to see where your points of interest are within the picture. Let me know if this helps:) I will also try to get to this question in the video:)


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