Inktense blocks!!!

Yep, that is how excited I am, 3 exclamation points!!! I might get carried away and start writing in ALL CAPS too:) LOL! Thanks to reader Maureen for sending me a set of 12 Derwent Inktense Blocks to try. It was so thoughtful (she was probably sick of hearing me hemming and hawing about buying them ha ha:) so I opened them up and started playing when I had a few minutes today and of course I flipped on my camera and did a video, here are a few techniques I came up with:

They are fun! I can’t wait to have a moment to play with them some more, this is a busy week and I literally had to scrape myself off the couch to write this blog tonight so I apologize for any spelling errors and incoherent-ness that may be present.

BTW I have had some users say that videos were not loading for them and a viewer suggested unblocking things and updating things…really I am too tired to think so if you are having a problem or have a suggestion please leave it in the comments and you can help each other out with that. I know in my kindle lately I can’t watch any YouTube videos and it is an android device so there is definitely something going on. I’ll think on that some tomorrow:) For now it’s off to bed with me and til next time happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. You are always so happy. Thanks for the video in inktense. Gave me some ideas to play with mine.


  2. Congrats Lindsay….soooo fun to watch you play!!!!


  3. Loved the idea of taking the print.


  4. Oooh! Lucky you! How beautiful!


  5. Hi Lindsay. Love the way you added texture to the dress. I usually look for stamps and mask…this is a much easier way to add more to a stamp.

    btw, I love lime green and purple together too!


  6. I just found my pastel chalks. Yummy colors


  7. How cool it was when you used your embossing folder to add texture. I’d have never thought of that. And I loved your choice of colors–I think that green goes great with all the colors, but I was an adult in the ’70’s when those color combos were big. I hated them then, love them now. Owls, strawberries, mushroom were huge in decor too which I also hated then–LOVE them now.

    The Kindle youtube thing. I don’t have a Kindle but have been considering buying a tablet, Kindle is on the pro list so I was curious, did some checking. Here is what I found (copied and pasted here):

    Periodically, your Kindle Fire will install system updates. Unfortunately, the updates sometimes turn off Flash, so sites like Youtube won’t play.

    Open your browser.
    Go to the menu icon at the center bottom.
    Choose Settings.
    Scroll down until you find Flash.
    Click on it to enable Flash.

    You might try that.


  8. Hi Lindsey: I havent bought my Inktense pencils yet and now that I see you using the blocks I have a question. What is the better way to go, pencils or blocks?? Cant afford both. Are they used for different things in different ways perhaps? Thanks. Enjoyed your video. The colors are lovely.


  9. Thanks for sharing these great techniques, Lindsay. I’ve got the pencils but not the blocks. They are amazing. I love what you’ve done with the embossing folders and I’d never have thought of using them like that. I’ve just left you a comment on Youtube.

    The video camera that you’ve got, which you recommended to me a while back, is going really well in my new studio – it’s so easy to use and I’m delighted with the results. Thanks so much!!

    Shoshi x


  10. How nice to received such gift. Nice idea using the texture plate. I never thought of that one. I remember as a child putting pennies and leaves under paper and colouring over them and thinking how cool it was! When I think back I was such a dork. I was amazed by all the artsy stuff…still am one I guess. I don’t have any of intense pencils or sticks but I would love some. Maybe some day!


  11. I love mine- glad you got them! Have fun!


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