Colored Pencil Blending & How To Make Any Size Easel Card!

It’s 2 for 1 tutorial day today on The Frugal Crafter! First up I’ll show you how to blend thick and vibrant colored pencils on colored paper:

Next up, how to make any size easel card:

Wasn’t that easy? I hope you enjoyed this 2 for 1 special today and til next time happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. This is beautiful but I can’t get it to load. Jan C.


    • huh, I have been having trouble recently trying to watch ANYTHING on youtube on my Kindle Fire which is an Android devise, are you watching on a phone or tablet? That could be why because it is loading on my PC just fine. I hope it will work for you now:)


  2. Your color pencil blending was great. You make it look so easy. Wish I could do it like that. I use gamsol so blend as seems to work better for me. thanks for showing your method though. Loved the easel card too, but I can do that. Edna


  3. Gorgeous card Lindsay….your Mom will love it! And if you decide to send her something else, you can send me your pansy card – LOL!!!!!
    Thanks for both tutorials!!!!! Now off to try that with a koi card.


  4. Very pretty card. I have a lot of those PSX stamps. They are some of my favorite ones. I will have to try the pansy stamp. Hope you have a good week and thanks for the lending info.


  5. Oops left my B out of blending!


  6. Hi Lynsey, I don’t know if it’s just me or there is something wrong with the link attached to your posts, but it always comes up with no link possible (or something to that effect).

    Your youtube videos are always ok.

    I love your videos, and even the very long ones (ask a crafter), as I can always have you in the background while I do other things. The time you did a session using your laptop, was ok aswell. I listen more that look so it wasn’t a proble. The people who complained, should remember this is your free time, used for them.

    Anyway, all the best with your channel.

    Regards Franciska (UK)

    PS. If is so good that you can get so much crafting stuff cheaply, whis it was the same for us over here. PPS. in one of your videos, you mention Cherry Lee, so I looked, its Cheery Lee, a good thing you put the link after your vid. this is not a complaint (so please don’t take it as one), its just in case you had not realised. You are brilliant anyway.

    Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 02:40:03 +0000 To:


  7. I so enjoyed watching you color this precious pansy! Thank you for sharing a stamped image on SU card stock, I don’t know why I assummed you always had to stamp with Stazon and add water to pencils, coloring alone was so sweet!


  8. Wonderful! Thank you so much for both of these videos.


  9. Love all your videos while drinking my morning coffee! Those who mention that the link doesn’t work should check their anti-virus or any other blockers they have! I just got a new laptop and had to go and add/redo my allow links to the blocks….just a suggestion!


  10. Beautiful card Lindsay. You make blending colors look easier than it actually is.


  11. WOUW your coloring with pencils are really great, but do you use a special paper for this? I just can´t make the colors blend like this unless I use odourless spirits, but not sure, if it has to do with the cardstock I use for it?


    • I am coloring pretty firmly at the end, so that makes the colors vibrant. I have done this with all kinds of cardstocks. what kind of pencils are you using? I am using Prismacolor but I’ve had good luck with others too:)


  12. You do a wonderful job with all of your projects, now if I could just do as good working right side as you do upside down I would think I was doing Keep doing what you do, I love it! Hugs


  13. Beautiful card–love the pansies. AND you made the easel super simple. TFS!! I will be making more of this type of card. Also I think I will be putting more of my effort into the focal point of my card, and less into the embellishments, after seeing how lovely this card is and how the pansies make the card. I think I’ve been using embellishments to ‘improve’ where I’ve fallen short. Sort of like using cologne to cover up stink. Don’t get me wrong–I love embellishments, love making my own, but about all they really fix is that stray ink smudge. Also, it’s impractical to mail highly embellished cards–which I find beautiful– and most of my cards can’t be hand delivered. But this card is equally beautiful in an understated and elegant way. It is quite simply a work of art.


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