Scrunched Organza Flower Tutorial!

Howdy friends! Today I am going to share a fun and easy project with you. And I mean EASY! I had seen beautiful organza flowers in boutiques  and thought boy, I bet they are really time consuming to make. I was also worried that it was a hit-or-miss type of craft. I knew making these involved using a flame to singe organza fabric but I could not believe that it is this quick and easy, not to mention fun! So if you know any little girls, own a hair-bow business or sell your stuff at craft fairs you are going to want to try this, especially considering that they only cost about 25 cents to make (using supplies from Papermart that is) and they sell for $8-$16 bucks! Don’t believe me? Check ETSY! This craft is not for children, we will be using a candle to curl the fabric. Watch the video to see how.

I recommend you have a clear work surface and you wear short sleeves when making this project. Be sure to put the candle out when you are done with the heating the fabric bit, I know how easy it is to get distracted when creating, let’s be safe out there!

Supplies available for cheap at Papermart:

Organza Fabric (60″ wide fabric, 10 yards for $10.40, 25 yards for $17.33 or save a couple bucks a bolt if you are placing a large order!)

Glitter (99 cents a tube, yay for cheap thrills!)

Organza Ribbon

Hair Clips (I used the 3 1/8″ but there are other sizes available, bags of 100 are $4.75-$8.80, that’s only 5 to 9 cents a barrette!)

Fabric Flowers (I used them on the pink hair clip)

Other: Hot glue gun and sticks, buttons or brads and other embellishments you might want to add such as beads. You can also attach the flowers to inexpensive headbands if you don’t want a barrette.

I think these would also make wonderful party favors or baby shower gifts (make a headband with soft fold-over elastic BUT never leave a baby unattended with a headband on) or even a wonderful surprise for your daughters or granddaughters. I have a few flowers left over that I think will be lovely on a scrapbook page, oh, you could even make them smaller to go on cards! This is an idea with potential and I do hope you give it a whirl! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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  1. Very pretty love your videos. Just wanted to let you know I am getting my sizzix big shot tomorrow with the gift card my son gave me for Christmas. Want to get back into card making. You showed your storage in your craft room, About 15 years ago I made shelves for my rubber stamps out of copper pipe and wood.I made 3 ladders with the pipe mounted them to the wall with the brackets that hold copper pipe and put the wood through them and made shelves. Of course that was before copper got so expensive. It has 9 shelves that are 3 1/2″ wide and I slant the stamps so I can see all of them. You have inspired me to do a lot of things. Thank you so much Patricia


  2. Love this idea. The ideas of what else to do with this melting technique are just a flowing! Thanks a bunch. Oh by the way, you posted on Pinterest regarding a picture that looked like an earring punch for display cards. Do you know what I am talking about? You asked where you could find it. It is actually a cut file from Silhouette. Just saw it the other day featured in their blog. Not sure if anyone told you.


  3. Dear Lindsay,

    I am not sure the correct place to ask this question. Do you prefer that I leave it as a comment or send an e-mail? What are all the uses you find for Mod Podge? I found your video naming uses for glycerin to be helpful.

    I also liked your videos on split secondary colors and color mixing. I’ve learned a lot from watching your videos.

    Another question is how do you think about design composition? Even for something so simple as a card, I would like to know good ways to put elements together. Are there books or websites you could recommend for this?

    You are generous in sharing your expertise, and I am grateful for this. May your goodness be returned to you many times over.



    • I prefer questions be left in the comments like you have done here!
      I use modpodge as a glaze for paper, paper beads, wood, clay, etc
      Also as a glue for glitter and paper because it dries clear

      As far as design I play with the parts of a card until it looks right but basically I try to have a visual elements at the bottom to ground it and I usually don’t put a focal point right smack dab in the middle. Here is a website with design principals:
      This might make a good video topic too!


  4. Lindsey, I did not get what the brad marker thing was… I wouldllike to know what it is called so I can go look at one. loved the video. Thanks, Ruth


    • It is called a Brad Maker by the company Imaginessce, I have the old one but they have a better one now where you can make bigger brads and buttons. The brad parts and be pricey so I bought bulk bags a couple of years ago to bring the price down then I found headbands and hair clips and pin backs on clearance at Micheals and grabbed some. It is a fun tool. That said I think the covered button kits by Dritz are cheaper and you don’t need the tool but you can’t make brads with it, only buttons.


      • Lindsay and Ruth, I still had my instructions and it is called the I-top Brad Maker 2 (mine is the newer version). Not sure if you can find much for the hairclips and bands now though. When we got them on clearance at Michaels I remember not being able to find them online. At one point they had templates for cutting the paper, fabric or ribbon the correct sizes and then came out with punches too (for paper). Also had brads, screw tops (Twist Daddies) which went in to headbands, clips and rings and also button backs, I think. Sized 16, 22, 28 and 34mm. Really do love it mine if you can find one! BTW my enabling ability comes completely free. Just ask Lindsay! lol


      • Kathy! This might be you first ever comment on my blog, lol 🙂 Ruth, you can trust Kathy’s shopping advice, she e en remembers the of products hahaha 🙂


  5. As always, another great idea and video…you are the BEST!


  6. Thank you for the information, never tried this before but it looks fun. 🙂


  7. What a cool technique! I just happen to know two little girls who would love these….. 🙂


  8. I only young grandsons so I won’t be making those – unless I make small ones for cards or scrapbook layouts, which would look great I’m sure.
    As a sewer and quilter I actually gasped out loud when I saw you pick up and use your good sewing shears to cut that wire ribbon!!!


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