Forget Me Not Inktense Tutorial

Good evening friends. I am in a much better mood today, I think the fact that it was over 10 degrees this morning and warm enough to walk the dog was a good thing, I got to feel the sun on my face and I have got to say the sunshine is the best mood enhancer there is. No hissy-fit from me tonight! Instead let’s paint some flowers! A reader requested forget-me-nots as they were her favorite flower. You can use any watercolor pencils you have or even watercolor crayons for this project.

I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you give this painting a try. Let me know if you have any questions and til next time happy crafting!


15 Responses

  1. Lindsay, I think you’re awesome! You had a right to vent, as what you do is really all for us, for our benefit, and you don’t get enuf praise for all your hard work. I can only imagine how time consuming making the videos, editing them, posting them can be, and that’s if everything on the internet is working or cooperating at the time. But, you are always so happy and cheerful, as well as wonderfully creative, you really just make my day every time I watch one of your videos. Glad the sun shined down on you today 🙂 you deserve it!


  2. I agree with the first response as you make my mornings. I learned a long time ago that I have limits to my skills but do so admire your God given talent. Thanks so much for them, and for your sweet comments. Keep up the good work. I do try some of the tips you give in my own card making.


  3. Love those flowers . Thanks


  4. That looked so easy and so pretty, well at least for you it was. I guess I have to try this and find out for myself LOL. I too love Forget Me Nots.


  5. I love what you do, here’s a wish for you. I wish I had your talent and imagination! lol (not what you thought, lol) I do have a question, lol, Do you use the water color crayons the same way as the water color pencils? (Shhhh! I am at work and can not look and see what brand mine are, they are at home, lol). They are much thicker than the pencils, do you sharpen the ends? Can the shavings be used for anything else? Thanks as always for everything you do. You are an amazing person, hugs!


    • Hi Marilynn, yes you can use watercolor crayons, they re a bit more opaque and they d not stain the paper as much making them very forgiving. Sharpen then with a knife and save the shavings in a small palette with a lid (you can get a small lidded round palette at the craft store for about $2 or use a pill container, whatever you like) and you can use that like a watercolor palette when you need a large wash of color, no waste! I love watercolor crayons and have the Caran d’ache brand:)


      • Love your tip about the watercolor crayons! I saw some really cheap recently (I don’t normally watercolor so don’t want to invest too much), but figured they wouldn’t work because they don’t have a fine point and didn’t want to waste them by sharpening. Now I have some ideas… 🙂


    • Also you can use a wet brush to pick pigment up from the tip of the crayons, that is better with crayons than pencils too!


  6. I absolutely LOVE your paintings. I too wish I had your talent. I try and watch as many of your painting videos as I can. You are such an inspiration.


  7. Love these! I may have to try. Love your videos too. Have a happy weekend! Hugs, Kim


  8. What a nice way to brighten up a snowy morning in Michigan. So much snow and spring seems so far away. Thanks you, these flowers are lovely. I finally bought a small set of these pencils. Hope to use them today.


  9. Great demonstration of Inktense…..thank you very much!


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