A Valentine Carnation Craft (Cheap and Great for Classrooms!)

Hello there! It’s that time of year when we get ready to make valentines with our kids to send into school. Here is a sugar free valentine made quickly and inexpensively with supplies from Papermart:

DCF 1.0

Watch this quick video to see how it’s done, let’s get inky!

If you want to see the tutorial for the DIY spray inks and daubers you can find it here.  I used 6″ paper doilies, twisted paper cord, tags and baker’s twine from Papermart on this project. These are supplies I find myself using over and over for projects. They are great to have around and  so inexpensive you won’t worry about the kids using them for their crafts too! I hope you enjoyed this sugar-free Valentine! Til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Your flowers really do look real! Great idea Lindsay!!!


  2. Beautiful carnations, what a great idea. Might make myself a boutique before I make any for my co-workers.


  3. They look so nice and so easy to make. Being retired and empty nesters, I won’t be making any but I may pass the video on to a couple of people I know.


  4. What a great idea, I have boys – don’t think its an option for me but will pass it on. But definitely am going to check out that sponsor of yours. Hope things in your area of the states starts to defrost soon.


  5. Hallo from Israel, Together with my morning coffee you are are my first stop every morning. Although a non-crafter, I love the joy with which you present your wonderful programmes. I only do collages, and only use papers which I create myself. I have learnt some very interesting techniques from you, Unfortunately I can not use your homemade inks etc. because all I use must be very high quality archival and acid free. However, THANK YOU. Have a nice day. You are a delight!


  6. OMG the carnations look super! What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Definately super cute and clever. They look very pretty made with the paper doilies. Nice idea.


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