Almost Paradise! Playing with Artstix & Tutorial

Hello friends! I have been making it a point to dust off old supplies that have been in my stash for a while. I bought these prismacolor Artstix before my son was born (about 12 years ago!) I think when we have babies we develop a temporary amnesia of our life before kids because I had not touched them since. I honestly think I forgot I had them! Here is a painting of a bird of paradise I made with them:

DCF 1.0

And, I did a video while a painted it, I figured that if I had forgotten how to use them and the picture was horrible I would not have to upload it. 😀 But I DID like it and it reminded me why I also bought a larger set that I also found but have not yet opened! Good grief, can you imagine having these glorious little sticks of color and not using them!?! Don’t worry if you don’t have these ArtStix, which BTW are just Prismacolor Pencils without the wood, because you can follow along with colored pencils, oil pastels, pastels, watercolor crayons or heck, even Crayolas.

I also did some random mark making and doodling, it is a great way to get to know the media without the pressure of making something pretty. Have a look:

DCF 1.0

If you have never tried colored pencils or pastels on colored paper before give it a whirl, it looks great! You can see how the same range of colors looks so different on the green, brown and black papers I used.

DCF 1.0

So, what supplies are YOU dying to dig out and try again? Whatever you pick make sure you have fun, be kind to yourself and your efforts and give the inner judge the day off! You will be glad you did. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Hello Lindsey,
    I have the same goal for my supplies for 2014. That does not mean I will not buy anything only that I will me mindful of my purchases going forward.


  2. Hi Lindsey,

    I’ve been watching all your videos and enjoy them immensley! You’ve actually inspired me to start painting with watercolors again. I just finished watching the Bird od Paradise video; did you add some black to the picture after the video was through?

    Also, I’m trying to paint a Cardibal using the inktense penciles. My first attempt came out rather flat and was wondering if you could do a tutorial on one so I could pick up some pointers on how to give the reds in my bird more depth.

    Thank you so much for all you do.


    • I’ll add the tutorial yo my list but an easy way to make a red more deep and vibrant it to paint first with yellow then glaze over with red, try that 🙂 I didn’t add black, just purple over the green for shadow. My photo camera captures a truer color than my video camera. Keep painting.!


  3. I have not set any goals on using old products that I have, but I think I will. I find things all the time that I forgot I Lindsay you have so much talent and energy I love watching you on youtube and reading your blog. Keep up the good.


  4. Beautifully done. Jealous here!
    Did you get your Derwent Inktense Blocks? My son got them for me & I’m waiting for you to do something fabulous with them before I hunker down & have a go.
    Have to admit, I miss seeing Lorraine but still love Ask a Crafter. Here’s my question, what is the best way to keep your drawing supplies organized? I have all the prismacolor pencils, Inktense watercolor pencils, promarkers, Faber castell Pitt pens, prismacolor markers, sharpies & now the Inktense blocks. I have everything in clear stackable trays but don’t like that system. Love everything you do Lindsay. Watching Ask a Crater is like spending time with a friend chatting about crafty goodness. Thank you!


    • No blocks yet paula but a viewers offered me her set if 12 that she didn’t use so I will play with them soon 🙂 how big is your set? I am filming my 2014 craftroom tour this week and I will share my current storage for pencils and such as it has recently changed 🙂


      • I have the set of 24. They are gorgeous – I just love looking at the pigments but that will not do! 🎨 I am in awe that you can draw/paint/ color upside down. I was taught that in art school but I keep having to flip things around. I know…I should let go & be free. I’m a little too A personality for that! Thanks for answering back. Can’t wait to see those beautiful boxes your hubby is making for you!


  5. Well you inspire me so much on this …that I got my watercolor pencils out and colored a bird of paradise myself….and I kinda like it…nothing like your of course…but you inspire me to do so much better…thank you so much….and I can’t wait to see your pencils storage….


  6. You are so talented! Thank you for the inspiration you give to us all.


  7. Thank you good advice. I’m not a crafter or scrapbooker, but this applies to everybody. Good idea to go back to old techniques which lie forgotten in older work: D


  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! I was never one for drawing since my art teacher (a real jerk!) told me to “give it up” you have no talent and gave me an automatic F! this was some hmmm omg 40+ years ago! While watching your videos I started copying what you were doing and it wasn’t THAT bad…now I try and draw every chance I get…although they look more cartoonish than realistic! At any rate I do it for me and my grands – which they love – so it makes me feel good! Thanks for your inspiration and making it look so simple- if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even given it a try. Now to try the bird of P!!


    • I am sorry your art teacher was so discouraging but it is never too late to learn. I think many artists want drawing and painting to seem like a mystery, it is not, just practice and you will get there:)


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