Puttin’ on the Glitz!

Hello friends! Today I am going to share some glitzy techniques for your cards and scrapbook pages. This video will show you how to incorporate a lot of hot trends quickly and easily in your cards, scrapbooks or art journals:

You can find the supplies I used from Papermart. I had a good time using these sparkly products, I have been using their awesome (and cheap, only 99 cents!) glitter for years and found that the Mod Podge held it in place beautifully. I wanted to use small mirrors on my scrapbook page but I was worried that they would cut the page protector, I don’t have that worry now that I made them from candy foil and cardstock! The bokah look stenciling and misting was fun and easy too! If you want to learn how to make the daubers and spray mists I used today you can check out my video here. Doilies, what can I say, I’ve used them a lot lately (and I have another doily project this week!) so if you buy some gold doilies you might want to grab a box of white ones too, they are  a steal of a deal and so fun! The shipping tagsare also a steal if you don’t have them yet and now you know how to print on them! Well, I know you want to rush into your craft space and try out these techniques so I won’t keep you, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. Great video. Never heard of candy wrappers, love the idea thanks


  2. Really like your tip about printing on a tag!!!! Have to give that a try!


  3. AMAZING – you are my star… always love your knowledge and the charme which with you share this with us – beside the fact that every single project is BEAUTIFUL on top of that!


  4. I can print on tags with stamps.LOL maybe we need a video on printing on tags.


  5. Hi Lindsay. I am a uk fan of your blog and you tube and knowing how much you like Dr Who I had to let you know that if you search Euston street station, london on google maps you will see a familiar sight. Click on the double arrows on the road just to the left or drag the street view pedestrian on to it and you can go inside! Hope this works outside of the UK x


  6. Love your layout. I have never heard of the candy wrappers sold in packages like that but I will look for them next time I’m over in Michigan. Crafting stores are very limited in Canada – Michaels (over priced) and the little bits at Wal-Mart…sad! I do most of my journaling on the computer too and I do it the same way. I have to make an arrow or mark so I know how the paper went in as well. I thought it was just me that confused over that!


  7. Great video, awesome ideas! I have used that printer technique for years because I seem to be a klutz when it comes to print and cut on my die-cutter. That’s just an easier method for me, and it works well. Your finished project looks great.


  8. I love your watercolor work. I am wondering if you would do a video on painting watercolor apples or pears. Thank you. Ann


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